Nathan Mathers has already some psycho fans

A few months ago, I decided to write an article about Eminem’s
brother Nathan. Knowing how much supportive Nathan is towards his
brother and that he is also an aspiring rapper, I wanted to gather
enough info about him for people to know more about him. My
intentions were also to honor him as a supportive family member of
Eminem. I also admire the fact that he wants to rap too. Which means
that he will have to work very hard.
To the person who posted ‘ if ther is one thing i hate is people
kissing ass – Id hate to be living in someones shadow like Nate is,
and being a sponge of my own brother would put me too shame”,
before you post.
Nate is not “living in Marshall’s shadow”. He hasn’t started his
career yet. He hasn’t found any record deal for the moment. He isn’t
in the show business and didn’t have the opportunity to show his
At the time I wrote this article, I never thought I would attract
some real crazy Nathan fans on the Eminem part of
One of them even dared insulting me and
I had to delete her comment because it was really disrespectful and
Here are some example of some ‘ psycho Nathan Mathers fans ‘ :
” yo ashleymr88 wat u sayin? dat ma nates so cute well e iz aint e?
n iz all mine!!! n by da way nate aint lookin in to christianity ez
happy da way e iz n i love im jus da way e iz.”
“Nate you are so hot!! Then there is Eminem whitch is just as hot!!
if you have any pictures of em or nate dogg send them to…”
“yo, nathan i love! i wanna meet you one day. i like you not your
brother. well, i do like some of his music. if you get this e-mail
me. PLEASE, pretty please!love u much!!!!!”
“hell yeah your right they r the most fuckin’ sexiest guyz on earth!
i want nathan so bad… and i also heard nathan is gonna be rapper
soon so dont worry u will hear some of his songs!

Today, I would like to speak my mind about your comments, little 11
years old girls.
A freelance music journalist is fed up with your shit.
I would really like those freaky comments to stop.
You have the right to love Nathan or Marshall, nobody will forbid
you that. But, please, keep you sexual fantasies at home!You are
Please respect Nathan and Marshall.
Also stop being such fakes, telling everybody you’re in touch with
Nathan. Which I sincerely doubt.
If you really are, good for you.
To all the little girls with no life (I am not talking about people
who have left some insightful comments on the website), please
respect Nathan. Do you think he would like to read such freaky
comments? And above all respect yourselves.
Let me tell you this: Nathan is engaged in a long term relationship
with a girl called Athena. Both love each other. I’m asking you to
respect this. Do you get my point?
I am a huge Eminem fan and I know how much people like to invade
Marshall’s privacy. I am also conscious about how much he suffers
from such situations. A loyal Eminem fan ought to respect Marshall
and his family, including the ones fans often dislike like Debbie or
Please respect the Mathers. They are normal persons who want people
to respect their privacy. I’ll never insist enough on that point.

17 thoughts on “Nathan Mathers has already some psycho fans”

  1. I agree let them have their peace. I’m also rather intrested to hear what nathans music will be like.

  2. I would like to hear Nathan give rappin a shot. Most likly it will be rocky at first but with his hot brothers help he’ll be prety good some day. And yes Lifless 11 year olds, Nathan is hot, his brother 2, But i only have 1 poster, 1 cd and 1 supportive and rap lovin mind 4 them. Luv ya nate and Em. C ya someday. (If i saw Em on the street i would act as an old friend like he wants and say “Hey Em howz it going? new album soon? cant wait, c ya )

  3. absolute agreen , leave them alone, let them enjoy their life and mkae some good music cheer~~~~~~~~`

  4. yep they should leave them alone in their private livez. i would lov 2 hear natez rappin
    az well. n we all know he will do a
    g8 job rappin n pleazzin his fanzzzz. good on yazzzzzzzzz 🙂

  5. i am a fan of nathan. Never heared him but i am i fan, because he is cute,and i bet he has a talent. but i dont go around tryin to find his email and shit. I mean, i think him and eminem should be able to go out to a store, or a mall and not have the whole world beg for a autograph. When em is at a concert and is singing autographs than its ok. BUT NOT ON HIS OWN TIME WHEN HIS WITH HIS FAMILY AND EATING IN A RESTURUNT.

  6. I think, maybe some other f#*kers don’t, but I think Slim and all his family should be able to go anywhere they want without being f%^ked around by fans, I mean if you are a REAL fan you will respect Eminem’s privacy and leave him alone. And I’m also sayin if you are a real fan you woulda listened to his songs and knew that he doesn’t want people askin for his autograph when he goes out with his daughter or by himself. Like in “The Way I Am” he says he hates to be bothered too. So to ya’ll crazy f# ked up so called FANS out there, just maybe listen to his music and you will see what he is like, faggots. And one more thing, there’s people sayin that they are his biggest fan, I’m a huge fan of his but probably not his biggest, he doesn’t want fans being exactly like him and shit like STAN. So to all the people who are a fan and respect Eminem and his family, keep doing it. And to all the people who diss him or make up bullshit about him or try to intrude his personal life, get a life you stupid f#cks!

  7. I couldn’t agree more with Guyman…thanks for speaking out on the subject! Too many Eminem fans spoil the artist’s privacy and that’s a shame.

  8. i realy wanna see eminem & nathen but im not a mother fucking ass im a bit sceard of eminem & nathen because they rap about mean stuff & all that shit

  9. that would be cool if nathen started to be come a big hit like his big brother i think its cool that nathen wants to take rappin afther eminem anyway thats all i wanted to say

  10. i luv eminem.. but exactly how can u be in “love” with his brother? seriously, the only way you even know him is cuz he is related to eminem.. n i agree.. eminem is sooo HOTT.. too bad he’s 35.. grr… kinda wish nathan would hurry up and become the new eminem.. cuz he is just a mini version of him.. mmmm…

  11. omfg i do love eminem i love his music i havent heard none of his bros yet but i would love to meet eminem im like his biggest fan his smusic has helped me through so much and i wanna thank him for that one day … yes he is very sexy but i dont have fantasys about him in sexual ways only in rapping ways like me and him rapping together i love eminem so much
    sincerly , Val ( sketcher )

  12. you are all like his “biggest fans”…stop that “biggest fan” bs…makes me think about a dude called Stanley Mitchell…we all know what happened to him in the end lol

  13. I agree a hundred pacent,and screw the people that disrespect the mathers.i hate that bullshit,and i wish to hear Nathans rap,hes steppin in his bros footstep,RAP ON MATHERS

  14. im a big fan of em…i can relate well to his music…and his music has helped me in dealing wid much of stuff in my life…i hope nathan do as gud as his brother n mayb even better…i hope his work will b whole new n unique like eminem…i hope 1 day he ll create his own identity n ll b known for his own work…:)

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