Food for your soul: vibe with Detroit soul singer Q Harper

His voice has the depth of Marvin Gaye’s, it allows you to relax and to travel through a refreshing universe made of tenderness. In fact, Q Harper’s music is ideal for Summer time while sitting on the beach and letting your thoughts wander through a landscape of delight.
Like light rain drops, Quiet Time takes you by surprise. The softness of a slight piano and guitar duo will introduce the listener into a couple’s dialogue. Feel the warmth of Q Harper’s voice, feel the dedication towards the woman he loves…get submersed into a wonderful ocean of love while listening to the delightful song.
Hey You begs to differ from the preceding song. Built on a rhythmic instrumental background, the song opens up on Q Harper’s vocal performance that summarizes a reminescence of the good times.
Shout Dance allows the listener to discover the diversity of Q Harper’s vocals. His voice goes from raspy to soft. The listener will certainly appreciate the flexibility of his vocal chords.
Again, Must Be My Wife lets soft and darker elements work together in total harmony.
Q Harper deserves to be discovered in depth. The artist has the full potential to move his listeners with his rich and heartfelt vocal performances. True to the spirit of Motown, Q Harper allows his listeners to relax while enjoying some good quality music.
Get some good Q Harper vibes from his my space account.
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