Carrying Harlem's rough spirit, Jim Jones hustles and flows in the gangsta mode…

I recently came accross Jim Jones’ profile and I’d like to invite you readers through a ride through the Harlem artist’s world.
Definitely gangsta, a well mastered flow, a various and inventive instrumental craft, a powerful voice, Jim Jones carries the spirit of the hood. You could barely stay indifferent in front of his natural gift for the music he makes.
Splash features Byrdgang. Built on dark background instrumentals, rhythmic drum beats, trumpet sounds, the song truly unleashes Jim Jones’ powerful verbal whirlwind. You gotta like the well mixed dose of filthiness and hustle. Jim Jones takes over with a confident and merciless spirit while astutely jungling with syllables.
Emotionless totally reflects a tough OG spirit. Light piano sounds totally contrast with electric guitar and keyboard sounds. Welcome to the world of the killers. Walk through the mind of criminal in which tears are forbidden. The ” Ride Or Die” motto is law in the depressing universe the song describes. Emotionless is definitely worth your attention.
Joyful flute sounds allow the listener to walk through Jim Jone’s colorful world. Follow him to a party, get blind of weed smoke, drink a cup of Champaign, dance along with him on a cadenced melody.
The originality of Jim Jones is probably is unique way of mixing instrumentals, maybe it reflects his intertwined Puerto Rican and African American musical influences.
Discover the artist of exception here.
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