Discover Detroit's Dirtyilla, an emcee with a straight up personality…

Like a thunderstorm during a hot Summer time, Dirtyilla’s good noise will take you by total surprise: his loud instrumentals will spread like lightning forks in the dark night, illuminating our vision. His rough and raspy voice takes over the scene with pride. He’s nasty and filthy on purpose. You gotta love the way he does it, though.
Birthday is built on keyboards and light instrumentals in which Dirtyilla excels in his vocal performance. The song is rhythmic, instrumentally researched. I liked it.
Hot Ready lets the listener penetrate into a darker dimension of dirtyness. Hot Ready dirty cutie pies are ready to get eaten by some hungry males. No need to get offended by the great dose of filthiness…just enjoy Dirtyilla’s original and raw style made in Detroit. Instrumentally, the cadenced drum beats work together with the keyboards in order to create darkness and anguish.
They Luv Me is written in a conquerror style in which Dirtyilla exposes a very cocky attitude. Despite its common theme, the artist shows some real creativity. The light bells contrast with the heavy drums and other instrumentals. A married man talks about his double life.
Gorillaz has some obvious Dirty South influences. Dirtyilla is showing some teeth, his tone is menacing. The emcee is ready to tear the place of with some surgical words.
Want to know more about Detroit’s Dirtyilla? Check him out here.
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  1. Aha,i’m from china,and i am just a English so poor that i can’t catch the words mean,and i couldn’t writed some words.But i like your songs,the words means was so cool.Xd……If you can read my comment,I will be happenies.Come on Eminem,you are the one!!

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