The return of Edga " Tha Messiah" Kayci: the prophet unveils his omen to the world

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Edga Tha Messiah is back with a few killa tracks straight out his brand new CD: God’s Infection.
Constantly instrumentally innovating, Edga Tha Messiah magically trnasports his audience’s minds into a highly lyrically creative, rhythmically shaken world.
In his CD, he offers several versions of Cold World, a song with a jazzy- soul feel spiced up with a touch of salsa. While the trumpet and electronic instruments reveal a dark metropolis anguish, the drumbeats will open up on a prolongated instrumental ballad. An icy world dran by Edga, warmed up by vocalist Shannon Valdiviez, denounce the vicious effects of a money driven society.
This is indeed a song anybody can relate to. We live in a material world, but what can we do to bring love instead of coldness?
” I want to change this”, utters Edga ” but who am I?” in an incessant identical quest. You can’t stop the unstoppable.
Phudasouf unleashes some lyrical creativity in which powerful drums play the role of an annunciator, insisting, hammering Edga’s powerful anthem.
Again, Edga will offer his listeners several versions of the track.
The Revolution Has Begun starts in a symphonic mode: the high volume of violins combined with Edga’s mastery of other instrumentals actually reflects an artistic revolution in the making. Edga dares to be different. He dares to combine sounds and lyrics other emcees would probably be too shy to match.
Globally speaking Edga’s new CD is simply worth your interest.
Sharpen your ear and listen carefully to Edga’s original, instrumental compositions: enjoy his lyrical mastery, the darkness of his vocals.
Edga is truly a gem in the world of underground hip hop.
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  1. Yo shady!
    im a little dude from HongKong
    i really like yo and just like ”stan” lol
    on the other hand
    its too bad that i cant speak english fluently
    but i will learn cause if i know more english, i can know more you and your songs
    lastly, would we keep contact? i know it would be difficult
    coz you always on the moves right?
    it doesnt matter, i may just give comments here~
    and look forward to your reply~
    and if you are free, you may send me some emails

  2. hey…you seem quite obsessed…I doubt Eminem reads my page anyway, so please stop wating your time!

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