Journalist 103: listen to the Detroit emcee's lyrical and instrumental craft

Pandamonium reflects a man’s passion for the world of hip hop. Lyrical soldier, Journalist 103 combines a classical musical background with some well thought, inventive rhymes. True to his influences, Jay Dee and Big Proof, the astute former Proof collaborator embrases the fire of his musical passion and dedication.
Listen has some rough accents. The challenging track will lead the listener into the world of rap battles. Diverse instrumentals that sound like birds-a combination of slight flute notes, violins and scratches sounds- will lead you into the ghetto jungle. It resembles nothing other I have heard yet. You will feel the struggle against the enemies and the bloody spaces.
Choices is built on an Eminem’s No Apologies sample. Journalist 103 carries the spirit of ghetto soldiers who fight against discrimination. I loved the hardcore atmopshere and the outpouring rage that came from the emcee’s chest. Listen carefully and realize the song’s critical analysis of our contemporary society.
Writer’s Bock strongly invites you into the literary world of engaged writers- composers. Discover the incredible power of a pen and a mic. I love the way Journalist 103 spits his rhymes. He fights with the force of a Myke Tyson, he courageously opposes his point of views for the sake of the truth.
Journalist 103 is the kind of emcees who encourage me to keep my passion for writing and for hip hop alive. As long as there will be emcees of his kind, hip hop will keep breathing and enlightening the crowd of listeners.
Discover Journalist 103 here.
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