New rough Detroit styled reps from Malaki The Most Hi

Sleeper Cell Records signee is back with a new CD entitled The Uprise. Malaki will take you by surprise with his loud, sharp minded instrumentals and his rough lyrics. Close Proof collaborator, Malaki The Most Hi carries a lot of raw energy in his songs.
His unique, instrumentally inventive, lyrically creative tracks will probably enchant hip hop lovers.
This Is It will take you by surprise. The bitter-soft saxophone notes are astutely combined with keyboard sounds. Malaki’s raspy voice introduces the track. Ready to listen what a hip hop dedicated heart has to say? Open up your ears and let the Detroit emcee take you for a ride…i like the way he expresses himself, smashing commercial rappers! He’s truly killing it in this track!
Bigges Losa is based on dark and rhythmic instrumentals. Listen to Malaki take over Motor City by loud musical force. Malaki’s stormy flow delivery needs to be underlined too. The track is a powerful outlet for ghetto rage and hip hop passionate people. You are gonna like it.
Starting on a soft flute musical background, suddenly interrupted by some noisy drums Murder Me will take you by surprise. The Sleeper Cell track, that is dedicated to Proof will allow you to discover Malaki’s lyrical ability combined to an explosive scratches apparition.
Soft guitar and vocals introduce the listener to Boombox Platinum. The blues influenced vocals totally match with Malaki’s complaint.
Discover more about the outstanding Detroit underground emcee here.
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