Nas hits the nail on corporate journalism's head in a powerful, lyrical assault…

Nas is truly one of those hip hop giants who will allow us hip hop heads to keep our heads up with total confidence. Nasir Jones, deserves respect as a mainstream hip hop artist, because he never failed in his huge task. True to his African American roots, the talented artist has been more than a mentor to the whole hip hop community. Depicting the streets with veracity, outstanding lyricist, Nas is one artist I will keep having faith in.
Like Immortal Technique, Saul Williams and many contemporary engaged hip hop poets, Nas wants to react against corporate media in America. Sly Fox is aimed at Fox Channel in particular.
Distorted news, manipulative journalists that follow a corporate white America’s rules are put into a new light thanks to Nas’ brand new video. The electric guitar background is a powerful outlet for the emcee’s rage.
Nas’ fight is also aimed at all those narrow minded people who have a very limited understanding of hip hop and who will draw a very conceited image of it, voluntarily speaking in black folks’ names…when will people realize that so many places are owned by the government’s sheeps who betray hip hop’s REAL message?
No, hip hop is not about big cars, jewels and hoes. Only commercial hip hop is about such kind of crap. Real hip hop is an art: it is verbal mastery that allows the emcee to raise some real social and political issues. Real hip hop carries rebellion against conformist ways of thinking.
Real hip hop is lead by real emcees who raise their powerful voices each time it is necessary.
It looks like Nas is definitely digging Fox’ grave. I loved the video. It is powerful, insightful, creative.
Real talk. Real music for real listeners.
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