Californian emcee Daz Dillinger knows how to keep it gangsta

With his blue bandana, his penetrating glance, his raspy voice, Daz Dillinger got his mind on the hustle. Meal Ticket is built on soft chords and light guitar notes. His repetitive lyrics are intented to represent the grand hustle of his hood.
DipDropStopDip is a is an offensive club song. Rhythmic, enhanced with soft female vocal, totrally contrasted with Daz’ harsch voice and undestructible flow, the song reflects the artist’s inventivity.
I like the fluidity of Daz’ flow that will drop down and wet your thirsty minds with his refreshing instrumental composition.
Only On The Leftside, is a crip gang dedicated song. Offensive on purpose, a good dose of agressivity, a filthy spirit, the song is the mirror of the crips’ way of life. ( The blue bandana represents the crips, for those who don’t know).
Creep with them bad gangsta killers. They have connections everywhere. I loved the scary dimension of the song that shines through various instrumental mixtures.
Regreats is a soft song based on a piano background in which Daz Dillinger has some self criticsm to offer. The symphonic song has ‘a little bit of Tupac’ in it.
Drums will hammer like a heavy attack, introducing Daz Dillinger entry to the party song entitled Thiz Weekend again. The ” Shake That” song’s filthiness enlightens Daz’ lusty spirit.
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