Remembering D12's Proof

April, the 11th, 2006, the day that tragically changed the face of Detroit hip hop
I can’t help it, as we are heading towards April, to think about the tragic day that left a whole community orphan:(
Deshaun Holton was a brilliant artist, yet he remained humble and down to earth. He was one of the most dedicated emcees on the Detroit hip hop scene.
His very prolific work on the Detroit scene testifies his love for his hometown and his sincere dedication towards hip hop.
It’s been 2 years, already and it seems as if it was yesterday.
As time goes by, I would like to join all the people who shared and still share the same passion for his music and honor Big Proof’s memory.

Because of a stupid argument, a talented emcee had to lose his life…I still believe that Deshaun Holton died for nothing. It is quite obvious that a lot of envy and jealousy were involved in the tragic event.
However, even if the man has left us for a better place, his music is meant to say with us all for ever.
A few weeks ago, I have talked to Proof’s former promotions director, also known as Rude of IF.
I asked him about the release date of the Time A Tell CD.
As far as he knows, there is no precise release date available for the moment.
DJ Jewels, who is responsible of the Time A Tell project, would like to work hard on it before he announces any release date, in order to honor Proof’s last work as it really deserves it.
As soon as I will know, you will be the firsts to know about it, that’s my promise.
Proof’s spirit will live on with us, so let’s rejoice and keep honoring our hip hop brother’s memory, as his music floods into our ears.
Gone, but never forgotten! Big Proof For Ever!
To keep up the spirit, I added a rare and funny Proof pic to this article…enjoy:)

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