Trick Trick/ Let's Work/ Video review

Christian Mathis aka Trick Trick is a hard working emcee with strong working ethics. His characteristic dark, gritty voice and inventive, rough musical background that is so typical to the Goon Sqwad crew make the man unique in the world of hip hop.
Although he became more notorious thanks to his Welcome To Detroit video featuring Eminem, Trick Trick’s talent is not limited to his Eminem collaboration. Trick Trick’s hip hop underground work goes back to the early 90’s.
To those who barely heard about the brilliant Detroit emcee, I’d highly recommend to check The People Vs, a remarkable CD that totally enlightens Christian Mathis’ craft.
Based on a raw musical background made of violins and dark bells, Trick Trick’s hard worked on video features his crew and a bunch of gifted dancers. Follow the certified Detroit gangsta in his ardent recommendations to his folks: if you want to get paid, you gotta sweat for it.
During the whole video, you will appreciate Trick Trick’s charisma. The true Detroit representative perfectly knows how to captivate your attention.
I like the authentic enthusiasm of the dedicated emcee who remains true to his City and to hip hop.
Watch Let’s Work here.
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