Mind Hashous Clay's swinging musical blows…

With their raw, ‘stomp em out’ spirit straight outta Detroit City, the powerful I Dash ( formerly known to most listeners as I-Mac) trio composed of Hash aka Hashous Clay, Zohezie and Reag totally increased their musical power. Already known for their powerful punchlines, their crazy flow and their raw, hardcore instrumentals with a slight metal influence, Hashous Clay and their crew are ready to totally knock you out.
Some enhanced instrumentals are ready to produce hammering sounds while introducing you to The Shining, a powerful, brand new track. Raspy, grittty voices produce a contrast effect with the loud musical background. Slowly the trio’s dark voices will advance like dark clouds in the sky, break out like a deluge, eventually pouring down your ears like a tempest of words, going straight to the target of overwhelming victory.
You will probably like the rhythmic of the song and the conquerror spirit of our trio as well.
We N2 Buildin is a song of character that expresses unity. Built on a dark musical background, the song offers some interesting perspectives about the trio’s musical performances. Hash unleashes some good lyrical power. His partners in crime totally match into the song. I loved it!
Keyboard sounds introduce Real Superstar while Hash sends his powerful vocal ‘S’ uppercut. Dark and light work together in terms of instrumentals, letting the strength of the artist’s power take over, opening on a luminous stage picture of almightyness.
Welcome to the D…Hashous Clay and his crew are representing their city with pride.
Let It Bump can be seen as a continuation to the wonderfully powerful Ruthless Aggression mixtape. The trio is vocally powerful. The violin background combined with the keyboards offers an offensive and dirty D atmosphere as well.
Check them I Dash crew out. They are really worth it!
Copyright by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved