If you ever wondered how Proof's first CD looked like…

Here is From Death, in collaboration with Da Goon Sqwad, Trick Trick’s group:)

3 thoughts on “If you ever wondered how Proof's first CD looked like…”

  1. Nice!! Do you know if this CD will become available in the near future? And have you heard it? I think it’s terrible that he was killed. I feel for all those who were friends of Proof’s. Too many young artists are leaving us too soon. And for what? I’ve read a bit about D12 & some articles in Blender. I decided a long time ago that I would never hate someone because of what they have or have not. I think people should try to look at men & women, no matter of colour or gender, as human beings FIRST. Attitude is everything in this world & I believe you get what you give. Also…what you think about you bring about. Karma. I was having instant karma there for a while & I tell ya I learnt fast that if I mock someone…I am open to be laughed at. If I feel HATE over love – someone will HATE me. Here’s one of my sayings: LOVE GROWS & HATRED SLOWS THE MIND. WHEN anyone is “all consumed” by any element, be it drugs or another person, you’ll notice that everything else becomes insignificant. And when a person becomes “all consumed” they become closed off to all that is new or exciting or alive. HOW CAN ANYONE SAY WHITE IS BETTER THAN BLACK? WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE LIKE WITHOUT THE SUN & MOON? OR DAY & NIGHT? WE ALL GOT HERE THE SAME WAY & IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHITE PEOPLE OR BLACK PEOPLE (MEXCIAN, GERMAN … ETC.) YOU ARE SAYING GOD MAKES MISTAKES. YOU DON’T TRUST IN A HIGHER POWER. GOD GAVE YOU LIFE & SO MANY HUMANS DON’T EVEN REMEMBER THE 10 LAWS THAT GOD LIVES BY. THE BIG ONE: THOU SHALT NOT KILL. I’LL LEAVE YOU WITH THAT TODAY…C~

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