Akon/ Konvicted album review

Global rating of the product: 4 stars
Straight from “jail”, Akon presents his convict music to his listeners. Konvicted is Akon’s brand new release. Akon is blessed with a warm, profound voice.
The Senegalese born American resident manages to offer an attentive ear a full range of diverse musical influences. True to his African roots, the gifted singer also enriches the CD with some reggae, rap and R’n’B influences. Open the diary of a convict and be ready for a crazy ride with Akon.
Shake Down beautifully opens the journey that is enlightened with drum, violin, rhythmic claps, trumpet and keyboard sounds. The singer’s vocal performance deserves praise in any case. Swing on the rhythmic song and enjoy.
Soft violins introduce Blown Away while hammering piano notes are mixed with guitar and flute sounds. Akon’s singing talent is combined with Styles P’s well delivered raps.
No need to introduce Smack That featuring Eminem, which is one of the most played and sung contemporary hits.
I Wanna Love You featuring Snoop Dogg is not really my cup of tea, since I am not that much into love songs. The graphic details of the song are not really useful, as far as I am concerned and the lyrics’ quality could be improved.
Feel violin notes drop like pouring rain on the face of earth. Imagine a man screaming and standing in the rain. Feel the drama that is suggested by piano notes combined with soft violin sounds and vocals. It offers the colorful image of a person drowning in his sorrow. Feel his broken soul liberate all the negativity and crash down like a burning plane that is about to explode. I loved The Rain. I recommend this song to all of you, because it is beautifully high on true emotions.
Never Took The Time is a rhythmic track constructed on guitar notes and keyboard sounds. The song is full of nostalgic accents and tells the story of a disappointed boy left by his girlfriend.
Mama Africa is a warm song with a good reggae flavor dedicated to Senegalese people. I really enjoyed that song, because Africa has always had-and still has a great importance in my life. Enjoy the pure blackness of the song reminding listener of the sunny Continent called Africa.
I Can’t Wait is enhanced with a funky flavor. The rhythmic track is full of joy and hopeful feelings.
Gangsta Bop takes you back to the streets. You will probably like the swinging track in which Akon’s vocal talent comes to shine, once again.
Tired Of Running expresses the lassitude of thug life. The gangsta track narrates the story of a man on the run, trying to escape from the police.
Don’t Matter is built on cithara and guitar sounds. Sometimes two people love each other, but their entourage don’t want to see them together and throw obstacles on their way in order to separate the lovers. Sometimes, two people mean the world to each other. Both lovers will fight for their right to love one another. Well made, with a good reggae taste in the background.
Globally, Akon’s album should catch your eyes and ears’ attention. Not only is Akon’s voice exceptional, the whole album offers a various panel of artistic collaboration and musical styles. I liked most of the songs and I think this album is really worth your attention.
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