Thank God for every person He places on your road…

If it is true that dedicated friends are a balsam to our heart, we nevertheless can learn a lot from our enemies’ behaviors.
Friends are a must in our lives. Friends are an essential support in good times as well as in bad times. They can give us sincere advices and sometimes guide us when we feel lost. I am talking about true friends, of course.
Usually, none of us really likes it when enemies cross our road or when two faced and so called “friends” turn into snakes, fully exposing their fakeness to us.
However, we should bare in mind that everything in life happens for a reason. Enemies are put on our road to perfect our way, because they teach us valuable life lessons.
You feel trapped or betrayed by an enemy? Don’t worry. By observing your enemy in his way of acting, you will learn a lot about him, but also about yourself.
Don’t underestimate your enemy, but don’t give him power on you either.
Just learn the lesson from your encounter with snakes. Avoid being bitten next time.
Also, be cautious about persons with honey voices who always praise you without even disapproving you on anything. They are probably wearing a mask that will be dropped sooner or later when those people won’t need you any more.
I learnt a lot from my haters and today I’d like to express how much grateful I am to have some haters in my life.
You haters have been of precious help to me. You increase my will to improve myself and thanks to you, I actually do.
Like Jesus said it before, one should really love his enemies, because they are maybe your greatest chance to advance.
Praise God for your valuable friends and don’t forget to also praise him for the enemies he places on your road!
Copyright 2006 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “Thank God for every person He places on your road…”

  1. We live in a world of fakeness and most people tend to hide behind a mask. Most tend to flatter us with kind words or the need to hand our praise. Everyone likes a compliment,once in awhile. Hey, were only human.
    But–What about that one in a million friend. Who’s been there through the good and the bad. Who doesn’t fill your head with compliments, but facts–The Truth! For some, the truth is a hard fact to swallow. We don’t want to hear the whole truth, we tend to like it sugar coated.
    I recently had a chance to meet a very nice lady named Isabelle Esling. We share the love of music and writing. She befriended me no questions asked.
    Isabelle is real, she’s honest and down to earth. She’s been there for me, on more than one occassion. She shares her honest opinion, even when it hurts.
    I value our short friendship, more than most long term friendships. Honesty is the key to a successful, long term friendship.

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