When the day of your wedding ends up in a coffin…

The Guardian has published a story today that really saddened me.
I think that this tragedy should raise more concern from people about the African American community in the USA.
He was young, had his whole life in front of him and was about to marry the love of his life, who also happened to be the mom of his two little daughters. In short, Sean Bell, 23, of New York had everything to be the happiest man on earth. But destiny decided it otherwise and would hit his family very hard.
Sean Bell belonged to the black community of the Queens. Saturday the place near a NYC strip club would soon turn into the theater of a tragedy.
The most shocking is that the men-including Sean Bell- who were shot were unarmed.
Why did the police shoot at them? Well, just because they suspected those men to be armed.
So the police has the right to shoot people on a simple presumption of being armed?
Or could it be that this affair simply « stinks » to quote Reverend Al Sharpton, a black civil rights leader, in his own words?
It looks like many racial crimes are freely committed.
When you see that a beautiful fiancee like Nicole Paultre is now deprived of a husband and her two kids of a father, don’t you think that we should all stand up for more justice and less racial discrimination?
Reality sometimes surpasses fiction. Real life dramas like this one could be avoided if the police stopped treating people like criminals simply because of their skin color.
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One thought on “When the day of your wedding ends up in a coffin…”

  1. I’ll never truly understand people. With everything going on in the world today, what is wrong with people. Why all the crime, violence and pointless killings. It’s not making our world better!
    Take a look around, it’s getting worst everyday. There’s a lot of us out there who have innocent children, family and friends who end up getting being victims!
    Children are being left with a parent in their life, wives without husbands. When’s all this pointless crimes going to stop!
    Why can’t we stand together as one and do something about it. Maybe then we can get our point across. We all need to stand tall and have a voice, together we will succeed!

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