Triple Helix: taking you to the heights of hip hop

Triple Helix is a hip hop group composed of Bamm Tronics, Rexx and R&Y Jones. Dynamic, energetic, bringing a lot of passion into their reps, Triple Helix don’t resemble anything else you heard yet.
City Limits introduces the listeners into an electrifying atmosphere. Keyboards, guitars, rhythmic drum beats in the background are the prelude to an overheated atmosphere. Full of confidence, mastering their flow, Triple Helix perfectly know how to introduce you into the icy coldness of the city.
The Blocks is built on soft female vocals and instrumentals. The gifted rappers show some real good lyrical skills. The flow delivery is nice as well. Hip hop heads will definitely appreciate the well handled track in which you can feel the passion and the mastery of the emcees’ art.
Welcome to the city of Angels, also known as LA.
The Resistance features an incredibly talented female vocalist whose performance is enhanced with scratches, violins, keyboards and Triple Helix’ wonderful performance. Triple Helix spit lyrical bullets. The artists actually take you to the heights of hip hop, where high quality music is required. I particularly recommend you The Resistance.
The three songs are part of Triple Helix’ new album, Building Blocks.
Hungry for more?
You will be able to order the CD and to listen to more Triple Helix songs on CD Baby.
You can also visit Triple Helix’ official website here.
My advice: don’t sleep on those artists, because they are talented and real.
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  2. I don’t know anything about his upcoming CD…i might ask him to send me his CD for an exclusive review if he accepts…i don’t know if he will accept, but i might give it a try…i don’t wanna sound harassing, so i will see…

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