Hush Bulletproof album review

Hush Bulletproof album review
Rating: four stars and a half
Eminem’s long term friend Hush has released his first solo LP, Bulletproof. However, Hush is no beginner on the hip hop scene. Long before he had a deal with Geffen Records, Dan Carlisle had already years of collaboration with Detroit underground veteran rapper Shane Capone at his active.
His « Roses And Razorblades » album can be considered as a beautiful piece of underground work. Long before the world cared about him, Hush was already notorious in Detroit. You can check out his impressing discography here.
To those who would be tempted not to check Hush’s CD, because they think he is « just another Eminem », let me tell you that you are totally wrong. Hush’s style is very different from Eminem’s. Musically and also in the subject matter. You could barely confuse both artists.
In his Bulletproof album, Hush spits with confidence and brings some raw energy into his CD. The first track, My Introduction, Hush’s introduction to the world, is made of nice rhymes , guitar sounds, good beats. Hush is determined to take over after years of hard work on the local scene.
The second verse is particularly well written:
« I’m a Detroit villian from streets
Where the cold can crush a man in just 0 degrees
And emcees, can spit sick flows in the streets to sick beats
We get dirty in the D, and the dirt is this street
Brought me the wrong way, and I’ll spark and cry pain
I’m a walking match-stick with gasoline in my veins
I’m known to shape-shift on rappers that ain’t shit
Put your best MC to the test, he can’t spit
I come from the city of boomin’ MoTown
When the shit gets thick in the D, it goes down
Its like the Wild, Wild West, and I’m Billy the Kid
Silly of kids to go against the realest of this
For all you other motherfuckers with nerve, can get served
Or come to a fork in the road, and don’t swerve
Bitch, I’m not your friend, this time, you’ve met your maker
Not your butcher, the baker, or the candlestick make.. »
Offensive, rapping the D, definitely gangsta and true to the streets of Detroit, Hush is determined to conquer the world of hip hop. Be prepared for some hot tracks to follow on the album. Fired Up is one of them. Hush, the walking nightmare, whose « hand is a bulldozer » will fire up everyone.
Hush Is Coming, an interesting collaboration with Nate Dogg will give you the occasion to fully appreciate the gifted emcee. Also, be so curious and check out the Hush Is Coming video that also features Eminem and Obie Trice. Track Nr 3 is instrumentally rich and original: keyboard, drums and electric guitars are here to make you feel the heat of the Detroit streets from the mouth of one of its rebellious kids. Hush comes up with a raw spitting style of his own. You gotta respect this emcee, because he is real and talented.
Hush’s brand new album includes many Detroit talents such as Eminem, Bizarre, Kuniva, Swifty, Bareda aka Mr Wrong. Hush also collaborates with great emcees such as Nate Dogg and Talib Kweli.
Hush spits with confidence on Put Em Down and the track is very much enjoyable.
Real TV, an intelligent Bizarre/ Hush collaboration is all about the realness of the world of hip hop. It offers a mixture of soft and raw sounds. Enjoy both rap guys.
In Superstar, Hush will remind you that he doesn’t give a shit about the VIP thing. He is all about being real in the rap game. A track that will destroy fake emcees who base their whole music on their « image » and sell a poor lyrical content while trying to act gangsta.
I enjoyed all of the 12 tracks from Hush’s album. I particularly recommend to the listener Fired Up and Off To Tijuana. Off To Tijuana, an excellent Eminem, Kuniva, Swify and Hush collaboration, is one of those gangsta tales that please many hip hop lovers. Based on Eminem’s Criminal song theme from the Marshall Mathers Lp, Off To Tijuana probably won’t leave you indifferent. Follow the story of a robbery and enjoy a well handled gangsta tale.
I just regret one thing about Hush’s CD. I found his 12 tracks album too short. He made me hungry for more, I guess.
Give Hush his chance and check his album. It is really worth it.

Many relatives are a poison in Eminem’s life

Since Eminem started making some money in 1999, many of Marshall’s relatives have turned their back against him. His own mom has tried to get $12 million by suing her own son over the lines of My Name Is and some of his statements about his childhood. Her brother, RIP Todd Nelson, has sold Marshall’s privacy to the tabloids. During their divorce, his ex wife Kim also sued Marshall for $10 million….JR Watkins, Kim’s cousin, who used to be Hailie’s nanny, has betrayed Marshall badly and published her scandal book, Cleaning Out My Closet.
It looks like everybody wants his part of the cake.
I always thought that Betty Schmitt, Debbie Mathers’ half sister was an exception to the rule…until I saw on the news that she and her husband Jack had filed for a lawsuit against their nephew.
What happened between Eminem and his aunt and uncle? Here goes another of the numerous lawsuits against the famous rapper….
Betty Schmitt and her husband used to live in Missouri until mid 2002.
In 2002, Eminem asked his uncle and aunt and their three children to live with him in his Clinton Township mansion. Has Marshall been too kind or maybe too naïve with them by requesting their presence in Michigan?
Today Betty Schmitt and her husband are seeking more than $350,000 and possession of the home they used to live in with Marshall.
Both, Betty and her husband, claim that Eminem has promised to pay them 100,000 a year for five years and provide them with a house worth up to $350,000.
According to the couple, Marshall has given them only $165,000 since 2002.
On July the 13th, 2005, they received an eviction notice.
Many of Eminem’s relatives are used to attack him when he is already in a weak position. So do his aunt and uncle. They stab him with a lawsuit when he is at the hospital.
I fully understand Marshall Mathers when he claims that his real close family are Hailie, Alaina and Nathan. Many of his other relatives have proven to be real snakes and a poison in his life.
My advice to Jack and Betty? Get your asses to work and pay your debts or go back to Missouri!

Long term friend and fellow rapper hush witnessed Eminem’s signs of fatigue during his US tour

When I saw the first photos of the Anger Management Tour 3 that took place in Atlantic City, I noticed something quite unusual about Eminem: his face looked swollen up and he had a strange glance in his eyes. I first thought that he had just gained some weight, but on some further photos published on an MTV website, he looked weird. I was unable to define what was wrong, but honestly, I had a strange feeling about those pics.
Take a look at those pics and judge by yourself:

Dan Carlisle aka MC Hush, who participated to the US Anger Management Tour 3, noticed that something was wrong with his long term friend Marshall.
The first sign was probably Marshall’s lack of energy:
« Since the beginning of the tour, I’ve watched his energy sink. »
Having traveled with him, he just saw his fitness decline day after day and show some signs of real exhaustion:
“I could just tell this dude was just exhausted. He was just out of it.”
Although he was disappointed not to see his friend at Hush’s videotaped greeting for the release of his brand new Bulletproof album, Dan Carlisle understood that something was wrong with Eminem and kept calling him.
Hush, who is convinced that Marshall will fight for his health and for his family wishes his friend a rapid recovery:

“I hope he gets better. He’s too good of a person and too good of father to let something like this keep him down.”

Dan Carlisle’s album, Bulletproof , is available today.

What can a mom do when the police murders her innocent son?

I was shocked when i heard about that. This young man was shot because he did not have the right color…Which scares me, because my own sons are bi-racial. The police never messes with me, it has already messed with my eldest 15 year old son. Some conservative people are schoked when their hear some NWA lyrics…they whould rather search for the meaning behind “Fuck The Police”
Monday 22 August 2005 1:59pm
The mother of Jean Charles de Menezes has called for the police officers who shot her son to be “punished”.
The call came as Brazilian officials flew in to question the investigators examining his death.
Mr de Menezes was shot seven times in the head by anti-terror officers from the Metropolitan Police after being mistaken for a suicide bomber.
Maria de Menezes spoke of her torment as relatives and supporters of the 27-year-old electrician prepared to hold a vigil outside Downing Street one month on from his death.
Speaking of the anti-terror officers who shot him dead, fearing he was a suicide bomber, Mrs de Menezes told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: “They took my son’s life. I am suffering because of that. I want the policeman who did that punished. They ended not only my son’s life but mine as well.”
The controversy over the death of Mr de Menezes showed no signs of abating.
Two senior Brazilian justice officials are due to arrive at Heathrow Airport on Monday to meet those examining the events that led to his shooting.
Wagner Goncalves, of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, and Marcio Pereira Pinto Garcia, of the Ministry of Justice, are looking for answers to “a number of matters”.
They will meet members of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), the Met’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Yates and other officials during a four day visit.
Obtaining “clarification” on the string of revelations which emerged last week about the death of Mr de Menezes is likely to be top of their agenda. Official documents leaked to ITV News appeared to contradict earlier police and witness accounts of the shooting at Stockwell tube station a month ago today.
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Rapping the D-Town, many rappers revealed Detroit’s hidden beauty

Is Detroit only a raw city of cement that oppresses people with its industries and the well known « Murder Capital »? Or is there something hidden behind the usual attributes of Motor City?
“We know so little about Detroit. Was it a port town? I know Detroit has this amazing music scene, especially for dance music. What else are you going to do? I guess, when I think of Detroit, I think of it as always cold. And everyone drives bad-ass muscle cars. And it’s the murder capital of America.â€?(Jude Hughes)
In fact, Detroit is unknown. Particularly its amazing musical history. Do people even realize that the most talented African American artists came mostly from Detroit or were signed to the Motown label, It is a matter of fact: Detroit has a rich musical past…and present.
I don’t know about other musical genres like techno or rock, but all I can tell you is that the Detroit hip hop scene- still unknown in America and all over the world- is a precious jewel. Detroit has various and gifted underground artists like Hush, Royce da 5.9, Phat Kat, Pace, King James3, Malaki The Most Hi , just to name a few.
The Detroit ghetto doesn’t look like a pleasant place. Some would rather describe it as a no man’s land. Maybe this place doesn’t look attractive, but it fascinates me. Why? Because of its music and the multiplicity of its rich and amazing sounds. When you hear one of them, you perfectly know that those tunes are full of the Detroit flavor.
Eminem and D12 have introduced me into the Detroit sound. A sound that I have kept exploring out of curiosity. The harsh living conditions in the Detroit ghetto have made artists become very creative. Detroit rap tells things the way they are, in a lyrical raw manner.
Bugz’ Detroit Detroit video is the example of a good music that is totally representative of Detroit City…Detroit Detroit, city of thugs is revealed in his songs.
When Detroit rappers describe the streets of Detroit, they always describe things the way they are: bloody murders, dirty stories, pimping, beefs, drugs and gunshots.
I’m fascinated with Detroit as well as some avid readers are fascinated with Edgar Poe tales… the way the lyrics are worded is so enjoyable that you are always hungry for more.
Detroit rapper I-Mac, an amazingly talented artist that you will discover on the best Detroit rap blog, reps the D in a raw and aggressive way. His harsh gunshot sounds and weapons talk introduce you into the Detroit hood. He paints his colorful track like the gifted word painter he is. A rapid rhythm and some catchy beats will make you like his sound.
The Lyricists, one of the most anti-commercial Michigan groups, have been rapping the D Town too.
Rock City, the amazing Royce-Eminem song and video have introduced you into the Detroit atmosphere. Using a different style Trick Trick, a local Detroit rapper whose street credibility you could barely doubt, has recently offered another taste of Detroit by releasing Welcome To Detroit City featuring Eminem.
Detroit’s environment looks hostile. Many people prefer to spend some time in LA than in Detroit. However, the D town has a unique rapping scene that I recommend to any hip hop lover. You can check many Detroit artists here and even rate their songs.
If it is true that many things are hidden about Detroit, I am thinking about its hip hop scene in particular. So many Detroit rapping talents keep hidden in the dark. Please give them a chance, they really deserve it.