Many relatives are a poison in Eminem’s life

Since Eminem started making some money in 1999, many of Marshall’s relatives have turned their back against him. His own mom has tried to get $12 million by suing her own son over the lines of My Name Is and some of his statements about his childhood. Her brother, RIP Todd Nelson, has sold Marshall’s privacy to the tabloids. During their divorce, his ex wife Kim also sued Marshall for $10 million….JR Watkins, Kim’s cousin, who used to be Hailie’s nanny, has betrayed Marshall badly and published her scandal book, Cleaning Out My Closet.
It looks like everybody wants his part of the cake.
I always thought that Betty Schmitt, Debbie Mathers’ half sister was an exception to the rule…until I saw on the news that she and her husband Jack had filed for a lawsuit against their nephew.
What happened between Eminem and his aunt and uncle? Here goes another of the numerous lawsuits against the famous rapper….
Betty Schmitt and her husband used to live in Missouri until mid 2002.
In 2002, Eminem asked his uncle and aunt and their three children to live with him in his Clinton Township mansion. Has Marshall been too kind or maybe too naïve with them by requesting their presence in Michigan?
Today Betty Schmitt and her husband are seeking more than $350,000 and possession of the home they used to live in with Marshall.
Both, Betty and her husband, claim that Eminem has promised to pay them 100,000 a year for five years and provide them with a house worth up to $350,000.
According to the couple, Marshall has given them only $165,000 since 2002.
On July the 13th, 2005, they received an eviction notice.
Many of Eminem’s relatives are used to attack him when he is already in a weak position. So do his aunt and uncle. They stab him with a lawsuit when he is at the hospital.
I fully understand Marshall Mathers when he claims that his real close family are Hailie, Alaina and Nathan. Many of his other relatives have proven to be real snakes and a poison in his life.
My advice to Jack and Betty? Get your asses to work and pay your debts or go back to Missouri!

4 thoughts on “Many relatives are a poison in Eminem’s life”

  1. What money will do to people! Marshall needs a women who will take him for who he is and not what he has!
    That is sad about everyone who tried to get a quick buck!
    It even burns worse when it is your parents.

  2. The shame of a family sueing their relative just because his trying to be himself!They are just a right messed up family,except for Hailie,Alanie and Nathan of course!

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