Rapping the D-Town, many rappers revealed Detroit’s hidden beauty

Is Detroit only a raw city of cement that oppresses people with its industries and the well known « Murder Capital »? Or is there something hidden behind the usual attributes of Motor City?
“We know so little about Detroit. Was it a port town? I know Detroit has this amazing music scene, especially for dance music. What else are you going to do? I guess, when I think of Detroit, I think of it as always cold. And everyone drives bad-ass muscle cars. And it’s the murder capital of America.â€?(Jude Hughes)
In fact, Detroit is unknown. Particularly its amazing musical history. Do people even realize that the most talented African American artists came mostly from Detroit or were signed to the Motown label, It is a matter of fact: Detroit has a rich musical past…and present.
I don’t know about other musical genres like techno or rock, but all I can tell you is that the Detroit hip hop scene- still unknown in America and all over the world- is a precious jewel. Detroit has various and gifted underground artists like Hush, Royce da 5.9, Phat Kat, Pace, King James3, Malaki The Most Hi , just to name a few.
The Detroit ghetto doesn’t look like a pleasant place. Some would rather describe it as a no man’s land. Maybe this place doesn’t look attractive, but it fascinates me. Why? Because of its music and the multiplicity of its rich and amazing sounds. When you hear one of them, you perfectly know that those tunes are full of the Detroit flavor.
Eminem and D12 have introduced me into the Detroit sound. A sound that I have kept exploring out of curiosity. The harsh living conditions in the Detroit ghetto have made artists become very creative. Detroit rap tells things the way they are, in a lyrical raw manner.
Bugz’ Detroit Detroit video is the example of a good music that is totally representative of Detroit City…Detroit Detroit, city of thugs is revealed in his songs.
When Detroit rappers describe the streets of Detroit, they always describe things the way they are: bloody murders, dirty stories, pimping, beefs, drugs and gunshots.
I’m fascinated with Detroit as well as some avid readers are fascinated with Edgar Poe tales… the way the lyrics are worded is so enjoyable that you are always hungry for more.
Detroit rapper I-Mac, an amazingly talented artist that you will discover on the best Detroit rap blog, reps the D in a raw and aggressive way. His harsh gunshot sounds and weapons talk introduce you into the Detroit hood. He paints his colorful track like the gifted word painter he is. A rapid rhythm and some catchy beats will make you like his sound.
The Lyricists, one of the most anti-commercial Michigan groups, have been rapping the D Town too.
Rock City, the amazing Royce-Eminem song and video have introduced you into the Detroit atmosphere. Using a different style Trick Trick, a local Detroit rapper whose street credibility you could barely doubt, has recently offered another taste of Detroit by releasing Welcome To Detroit City featuring Eminem.
Detroit’s environment looks hostile. Many people prefer to spend some time in LA than in Detroit. However, the D town has a unique rapping scene that I recommend to any hip hop lover. You can check many Detroit artists here and even rate their songs.
If it is true that many things are hidden about Detroit, I am thinking about its hip hop scene in particular. So many Detroit rapping talents keep hidden in the dark. Please give them a chance, they really deserve it.

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