What can a mom do when the police murders her innocent son?

I was shocked when i heard about that. This young man was shot because he did not have the right color…Which scares me, because my own sons are bi-racial. The police never messes with me, it has already messed with my eldest 15 year old son. Some conservative people are schoked when their hear some NWA lyrics…they whould rather search for the meaning behind “Fuck The Police”
Monday 22 August 2005 1:59pm
The mother of Jean Charles de Menezes has called for the police officers who shot her son to be “punished”.
The call came as Brazilian officials flew in to question the investigators examining his death.
Mr de Menezes was shot seven times in the head by anti-terror officers from the Metropolitan Police after being mistaken for a suicide bomber.
Maria de Menezes spoke of her torment as relatives and supporters of the 27-year-old electrician prepared to hold a vigil outside Downing Street one month on from his death.
Speaking of the anti-terror officers who shot him dead, fearing he was a suicide bomber, Mrs de Menezes told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: “They took my son’s life. I am suffering because of that. I want the policeman who did that punished. They ended not only my son’s life but mine as well.”
The controversy over the death of Mr de Menezes showed no signs of abating.
Two senior Brazilian justice officials are due to arrive at Heathrow Airport on Monday to meet those examining the events that led to his shooting.
Wagner Goncalves, of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, and Marcio Pereira Pinto Garcia, of the Ministry of Justice, are looking for answers to “a number of matters”.
They will meet members of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), the Met’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Yates and other officials during a four day visit.
Obtaining “clarification” on the string of revelations which emerged last week about the death of Mr de Menezes is likely to be top of their agenda. Official documents leaked to ITV News appeared to contradict earlier police and witness accounts of the shooting at Stockwell tube station a month ago today.
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