Long term friend and fellow rapper hush witnessed Eminem’s signs of fatigue during his US tour

When I saw the first photos of the Anger Management Tour 3 that took place in Atlantic City, I noticed something quite unusual about Eminem: his face looked swollen up and he had a strange glance in his eyes. I first thought that he had just gained some weight, but on some further photos published on an MTV website, he looked weird. I was unable to define what was wrong, but honestly, I had a strange feeling about those pics.
Take a look at those pics and judge by yourself:

Dan Carlisle aka MC Hush, who participated to the US Anger Management Tour 3, noticed that something was wrong with his long term friend Marshall.
The first sign was probably Marshall’s lack of energy:
« Since the beginning of the tour, I’ve watched his energy sink. »
Having traveled with him, he just saw his fitness decline day after day and show some signs of real exhaustion:
“I could just tell this dude was just exhausted. He was just out of it.”
Although he was disappointed not to see his friend at Hush’s videotaped greeting for the release of his brand new Bulletproof album, Dan Carlisle understood that something was wrong with Eminem and kept calling him.
Hush, who is convinced that Marshall will fight for his health and for his family wishes his friend a rapid recovery:

“I hope he gets better. He’s too good of a person and too good of father to let something like this keep him down.”

Dan Carlisle’s album, Bulletproof , is available today.

3 thoughts on “Long term friend and fellow rapper hush witnessed Eminem’s signs of fatigue during his US tour”

  1. My husband and I, seen Eminem in Washington, on August 5th, 2005. He wasn’t on stage as long as he was in Detroit, in 2003. I didn’t notice any signs of fatigue during the concert. I guess maybe, when you love him as much as his fans do, you don’t want to think that something could be wrong. We hope that he takes the time that he needs to recover.

  2. Jodi, you were lucky to see him in Washington. One of my friends, who spends some time in America attended to two of his shows…she didn’t notice anything wrong either…i think you are right about it, we fans don’t wanna think sth might be wrong with him. The announce of the cancellation of his European Tour was sth real sad and frustrating for me. I was supposed to go to the Paris show…
    Above all, i wish him to recover health and, of course, to take the time needed for himself. His daughter needs him.

  3. I just think he has had a haevy schedule which has made him like this!If their is something wrong it must be sorted out,I honestly think!I am one of his biggest fans and it makes me sad to hear about this news!Jodi you are lucky to have seen him at 2 shows!I honestly still want to meet him one day and how much I appreciate him who he is and don’t give a damn about shit that people add to his life and mess it up!

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