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By Steve Furay
Special to the Michigan Citizen
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DETROIT — A new book about the life and career of Eminem has now been released, satisfying fans throughout the world with more material about the rap superstar. But here in Detroit, the city he claims, the book raises questions about whether he has returned the favor for the gifts that Motown has given him.
“Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene: White Kid In A Black Music World” draws readers’ thoughts to the tensions between Black and white communities in one of the nation’s most segregated cities. The movie “8 Mile” played on the same idea, a white rap underdog trying to become recognized in the Black community.
Author Isabelle Esling, a French native living in England, wrote the book from numerous magazine and television interviews with Eminem, plus her own interviews with members of Detroit’s hip hop community.
Esling describes the hard life Eminem experienced growing up, through poverty and stress of troubled family members. Eminem’s success as an artist is in his ability to compose lyrics honest and imaginative about his rough upbringing, always with a punchline ready.
When his music first became popular in 1999, Eminem’s global fame was a perfect storm of talent and imagination reflecting the spirit of the age. Hyperactive youth faced the future of a troubled world economy, with media feeding the public violence on a 24-hour cycle.
“Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene” focuses on the genius of his writing, but his dedication to helping Detroit is also questioned. DJ Butter, for instance, was an early collaborator with Eminem and his group D12, and tells his experience of Eminem’s Shady Records having bad business with local artists.
“When Eminem and D12 went against me,” says DJ Butter in the book, “I just never understood how I could break bread with those guys before the big label deals and they couldn’t break bread back. They made me out to be the bad guy.”
Eminem has become a world symbol for Detroit, but here he is an artist who gained fame and wealth and then left. His upbringing in the city’s hip hop scene of the 1990s was heavily based on helping to make the community a better place, building businesses and opportunities for youth to escape life in the streets.
The famed Hip Hop Shop, open during the mid-1990s as a hub of the Detroit hip hop scene, was a turning point in Eminem’s career, where the Saturday afternoon open mics were flooded with a community of highly talented artists.
The success of artists like Elzhi and Royce Da 5’9” validate the Shop’s creation of top skilled emcees through artistic interaction, and Eminem was a key participant of this collective. The common chant was “3-1-3,” the area code that everyone wanted to help make better for the future.
Proof, known to the world as a member of Eminem’s group D12 before his death in 2006, is referenced in the book as a close friend, mentor and artistic inspiration. Proof was also in the group 5 ELA, or 5 Elementz, where he and members Thyme and Mudd worked at Hip Hop Shop and set up the open mics each Saturday.
“He was the leader (of D12),” says Mudd. “They listened to whatever ideas he came with. He could sit down, calm them down, bring them together enough to whereas they respected him as a leader.”
Though Proof left 5 ELA, Mudd and Thyme give testimony that he always wanted his own success to be used for the betterment of the community. This aspect of Eminem’s upbringing in hip hop through Proof is not discussed in “Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene.”
“We ain’t trying to be out there on the mountaintop,” says Mudd. “We’re with the people, we’ve always been with the people. We’ve always brought the community together. To me it’s just the right thing to do. It’s like a church or a synagogue — once you get the congregation you can lead the flock, just as long as you’re leading them in the right direction.”
Today, 5 ELA’s community spirit lives through 5e Gallery, located on Michigan Avenue in Corktown. The gallery is owned and operated by DJ Sicari, the group’s newest member, who was also employed at the Hip Hop Shop. The space struggles for financial resources like others in city, but Thyme views this hip hop community center as an opportunity to help realize the dream of the “3-1-3” movement. This is the unrealized potential of a “White Kid In A Black Music World.”
“The hip hop in this town is an economic force that is never used,” says Thyme. “It’s always used for someone’s particular personal gain. We can’t even think about none of them. All of us that’s here doing it, we have to say the responsibility is ours. How you gonna handle that?”
“Eminem and the Detroit Rap Scene: White Kid In A Black Music World” by Isabelle Esling is available for purchase online at



November the 29th, 2012
The publishing company HAYDEN KIAN is currently publishing my self-help book entitled „Unwrap Your Present“. “Unwrap Your Present” is aimed at anybody who is willing to improve their life quality by simply seizing the NOW moment and enjoying it to the fullest.
My book is divided in little chapters, easy to assimilate. These chapters will offer you some efficient methods to reach gradually more insight about your present. It will also be a precious help orientate your thoughts in a positive way.
By focusing on meditation and breathing techniques, you will learn how to keep your mind fully centred and reach your goals easily.
You will be able to understand better why you have to combine the law of attraction (LOA) with other spiritual laws in order to make it work properly.
Start living a fuller life. Discover the powerful message behind UNWRAP YOUR PRESENT.
Who am I?
My name is Isabelle Esling. I graduated from the University of Metz, France, where I studied Liberal Arts/ Languages. I have been teaching modern foreign languages in public and private schools, mainly as a German and French teacher.
I have always had a passion for writing and music, black music in particular. I discovered Eminem in 2001 and was very enthusiastic about the artist’s great talent, which motivated me to write about him. It also motivated me to explore the Detroit hip hop scene that is full of amazing artists.
In 2003, Gavin Sheridan, a technical writer and professional blogger offered me to be a contributing writer for his blog, which got me started as a freelance music journalist. In 2005, with Gavin’s help, I started The Eminem Blog where I expressed about the artist, the Detroit hip hop scene and other hip hop related subjects.
I have reviewed a wide range of CD’s and interviewed some consistent artists such as Dina Rae, DJ Butter, Big Proof of D12, just to name a few. The Eminem Blog gained me a worldwide audience of readers. I have also contributed to numerous hip hop websites such as Music Mouth UK, Detroit Rap Com, Michigan Bands and D Townie.
In 2006, I did some interviews for Jason Matthews Detroit digital magazine ILL Mag. Through the years I developed my craft, increased my knowledge of hip hop culture and also expressed on various subjects such as spirituality, humanities, beauty and lifestyle, movies etc…I keep writing at The Eminem Blog and sharing my passion with my readers till now.
My first book on Eminem and the Detroit scene has been released on August 2012 by Amber Books.
My second book in French is a novel entitled Sous Le Ciel de Paris that has been accepted by Delizon Publishers in France and will be released in December 2012.
I am also in negotiations with a third publisher for a biographical work regarding my grandmother, written in German language.
After writing for years on music related subjects, I also wanted to share my experience of spirituality with my readers. This is how I gathered the sum of my own life experiences in a book entitled “Unwrap Your Present” with the intent of helping people appreciate the richness of the NOW moment.
A few months ago, I started a blog about spirituality, entitled Unwrap Your Present, in which I gathered articles on the same theme. The content of my blog is available at:
Personal biography
I was born in Saint Avold, a little French town near the German border. Being a French national of German origin, I grew up bilingual German-French in Freyming Merlebach, a tiny town very close to Saarbrücken. My parents introduced me to classical music and jazz at a very early age and I also showed some interest for writing and playing with words at a very early age.
As a young student , I settled in the French town of Metz, where I graduated. African students introduced me to James Brown and other remarkable artists such as Barry White. In the early 90’s I saw MC Hammer on TV for the first time, which triggered my passion for rap music.
Besides my strong interest for music, spirituality has always been part of my life. Being raised Catholic, influenced by my grandmother who used to be a strong believer, I explored Christianity. But soon I was very thirsty to expand my knowledge and I started studying Hebrew as an autodidact for three years getting access to the Biblical texts in their original language and to Hebrew culture.
I have always been very eager about the relationship between mind and body, so my curiosity naturally lead me to regular mediation practice and to fully appreciating the moment. This gift of our wonderful present, as it unfolds before our eyes is something I’d like to share with my readership.
In 2006, I moved to London, England where I live at the moment.
Why I wrote this book
All my life I have been interested in spirituality. I have been aware of the existence of spiritual laws since my childhood. However, I have been facing a lot of difficulties in my life because of my lack of awareness on how to apply these laws.
Like many other people, I have been stuck in the past and too many times, I have projected fearful visions of the future.
Since I discovered and acknowledged that the only moment any human really possesses is the present, I would like to share my discoveries and knowledge.
My aim is to help you all live a blessed and beautiful life. The present is the Universe s greatest gift to you: seize it!

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This book addresses anyone who is interested in self-improvement and living life to a richer dimension.
Through its exploration of mind and body, it will let the readers explore and understand different techniques to reach inner stillness and joy. Life is a gift and it is available to everybody.
This is the second release for music journalist and author Isabelle Esling
Why I wrote this book
All my life I have been interested in spirituality. I have been aware of the existence of spiritual laws since my childhood. However, I have been facing a lot of difficulties in my life because of my lack of awareness on how to apply these laws.
Like many other people, I have been stuck in the past and too many times, I have projected fearful visions of the future.
Since I discovered and acknowledged that the only moment any human really possesses is the present, I would like to share my discoveries and knowledge.
My aim is to help you all live a blessed and beautiful life. The present is the Universe s greatest gift to you: seize it!
Enjoy your read, your author,
Isabelle Esling

Bizarre/IDWMD/ song review

Bizarre/IDWMD/ song review
Rating of the product 3.75 stars
Watch the video here.
Bizarre, the weirdo of the D12 group, leader of the uncontested Weirdo Movement, has just released a brand new video.
If you re of a very sensitive nature, I’d advice you not to watch the video, because you might be shocked by some graphic details. If you are a Bizarre fan you should be used to the dose of weirdness, dirtiness and hilarious elements Bizarre instils in his music.
You have been warned…let s go for a ride into Bizarre s world.
Meet Bizarre on a funny flute background in his bedroom, dreaming nasty, erotic dreams. Transsexual, bisexual lyrical delirium is also allowed.
His blue car is parked outside, in the middle of the forest.
Flute and drums introduce a light and comical background while Bizarre raps on his bed, exposing dirty details of his sex life. Bizarre wiped out all kind of cleanliness: he doesn’t twash his teeth, nor does he proceed to intimate toilet of his posterior. Menstrual blood doesn’t stop him…
Bizarre s intent is to probably to shock the viewer at first sight, but also to show him he hasn’t lost an ounce of his sick-hilarious style. This is probably not his best video, but it will probably give you a good laugh if you re sensitive to his so particular sense of humor.
For more information visit:
Copyright by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

New Eminem album in 2013

It is official: Eminem announced a new album in 2013! Source: Killer Hip Hop Dot Com
To commemorate the Detroit Tigers’ return to the World Series, Eminem is releasing a limited edition cap resembling the Tigers’ own cap. Instead, we have a backwards E that resembles the Tigers’ D, and on the side we see the years in which Eminem has dropped an album. The list starts in 1996 with Infinite and ends in 2013. So it’s only fair to assume that we’re getting a new Eminem album in the coming year. Stay tuned Stans. In the meantime, buy the hat here.
Read more.

How the city of Paris impacted my life

If you are really curious to know how much the city of Paris impacted me, you will have to read my novel, “Sous le Ciel de Paris”. You won’t have to wait for so long, it is due to release on December the 30th, 2012. The good news is also that Delizon publishers will translate the book (originally written in French language) in English.
I think I have always liked Paris. At the time I didn t live there, it was always a big excitement, a kind of magical adventure for me to travel to Paris. But I truly fell in love with Paris when I settled there back in 2007.
Paris is like no other city in the world, this city will simply take your breath away! Thanks to Baron Haussmann, Paris is blessed with a wonderful architectural style. Being a big walker, I can work for hours within Paris without even feeling tiredness: my eye is always caught by something beautiful or extraordinary, like the flowers and trees at the balconies, beautiful bridges, two lovers at the corner of the street, a strange name, a historical place.
I love all arrondissements, with no exceptions: the wealthy and the popular places. Each of it has a personality of its own. I used to live in the middle of the 18th arrondissement, between Barbes and Chateau Rouge: always on the move, very multicultural, a taste of Africa in the middle of France: I liked its colorful markets and genuine products.
From there I used to walk to my little heaven of peace, rue Montorgueil in the 2nd arrondissement. Different smells, different markets, different shops and atmospheres, various cafes where you can drop. I love rue Montorgueil! It is the ideal place for buying fresh fruit and vegetables.
When you are lucky, usually late Friday afternoon, you ll find musicians playing soft saxophone melodies.
Early birds will notice that, especially at spring time, Paris unleashes a specific magic. As you walk through the Parisian boulevards around 7 am, your nose will catch all the fantastic good smells of roasted coffee, bakeries.
Open the door of a Parisian bakery, and gates of paradise will open for you. They always have a variety of fine food that you will find nowhere else.
If you are a writer looking for inspiration, Paris is the ideal place to be. It will appeal to your sense of observation. If you like nature, Paris possesses lots of oasis of calm like the parks of Buttes Chaumont, Parc Monceau and le Jardin du Luxembourg, just to name a few.
I resourced myself a lot there, being in touch with nature in the middle of Paris.
Of course I love the famous monuments, Sacre Coeur and Arc de Triomphe being among my favorites, but I think that, what makes Paris really interesting is what you discover while exploring little streets, like this oriental house I once discoved in the middle of the 17th arrondissement.
Let the Capital take you by surprise…when I walk through the Parisian streets, I barely go after a walking plan, I rather let my intuition guide me through the streets.
When you are in love with a person, you love everything about this specific person. I feel the same about Paris. I love everything about Paris: the Metro ( even the Parisian subway entries are pieces of art, most of them made by Hector Guimard), the light, the joy, the culture, the artistry.
If you want to understand the spirit of the French Capital you have to listen to Edith Piaf Joe Dassin, Charles Trenet or Marc Lavoine. These talented singers carry the true spirit of the City.
What I like most about Paris is the joy that it emanates from it. Some say that the French invented love. I don t know, maybe it is true, because being in love in Paris is certainly one of the most beautiful things I experienced in my life, but I do think that most French people are natural born optimists, especially Parisians. There is some lightness in their way of life, which is a little bit exaggerated and stereotyped in the Amelie movie, but don t you like it when Jamel Debbouze addresses the concierge with : “ C est beau la vie!” , “life is great”.
Yes my friends, life is great. Life in Paris is even greater. That’s why I carry all the Parisian places I have lived in and been to into my heart. As an expat in exile, I cherish it even more!
Sous le Ciel de Paris is a piece of fictional work, but it recalls real life situations that are so typical from Paris.
Breaking from the touristic stereotype, I depicted people from very various backgrounds and ages.
Be ready for Sous le Ciel de Paris, Under the Sky of Paris, you will enjoy it!
Your author, Isabelle Esling
Copyright by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved