How the city of Paris impacted my life

If you are really curious to know how much the city of Paris impacted me, you will have to read my novel, “Sous le Ciel de Paris”. You won’t have to wait for so long, it is due to release on December the 30th, 2012. The good news is also that Delizon publishers will translate the book (originally written in French language) in English.
I think I have always liked Paris. At the time I didn t live there, it was always a big excitement, a kind of magical adventure for me to travel to Paris. But I truly fell in love with Paris when I settled there back in 2007.
Paris is like no other city in the world, this city will simply take your breath away! Thanks to Baron Haussmann, Paris is blessed with a wonderful architectural style. Being a big walker, I can work for hours within Paris without even feeling tiredness: my eye is always caught by something beautiful or extraordinary, like the flowers and trees at the balconies, beautiful bridges, two lovers at the corner of the street, a strange name, a historical place.
I love all arrondissements, with no exceptions: the wealthy and the popular places. Each of it has a personality of its own. I used to live in the middle of the 18th arrondissement, between Barbes and Chateau Rouge: always on the move, very multicultural, a taste of Africa in the middle of France: I liked its colorful markets and genuine products.
From there I used to walk to my little heaven of peace, rue Montorgueil in the 2nd arrondissement. Different smells, different markets, different shops and atmospheres, various cafes where you can drop. I love rue Montorgueil! It is the ideal place for buying fresh fruit and vegetables.
When you are lucky, usually late Friday afternoon, you ll find musicians playing soft saxophone melodies.
Early birds will notice that, especially at spring time, Paris unleashes a specific magic. As you walk through the Parisian boulevards around 7 am, your nose will catch all the fantastic good smells of roasted coffee, bakeries.
Open the door of a Parisian bakery, and gates of paradise will open for you. They always have a variety of fine food that you will find nowhere else.
If you are a writer looking for inspiration, Paris is the ideal place to be. It will appeal to your sense of observation. If you like nature, Paris possesses lots of oasis of calm like the parks of Buttes Chaumont, Parc Monceau and le Jardin du Luxembourg, just to name a few.
I resourced myself a lot there, being in touch with nature in the middle of Paris.
Of course I love the famous monuments, Sacre Coeur and Arc de Triomphe being among my favorites, but I think that, what makes Paris really interesting is what you discover while exploring little streets, like this oriental house I once discoved in the middle of the 17th arrondissement.
Let the Capital take you by surprise…when I walk through the Parisian streets, I barely go after a walking plan, I rather let my intuition guide me through the streets.
When you are in love with a person, you love everything about this specific person. I feel the same about Paris. I love everything about Paris: the Metro ( even the Parisian subway entries are pieces of art, most of them made by Hector Guimard), the light, the joy, the culture, the artistry.
If you want to understand the spirit of the French Capital you have to listen to Edith Piaf Joe Dassin, Charles Trenet or Marc Lavoine. These talented singers carry the true spirit of the City.
What I like most about Paris is the joy that it emanates from it. Some say that the French invented love. I don t know, maybe it is true, because being in love in Paris is certainly one of the most beautiful things I experienced in my life, but I do think that most French people are natural born optimists, especially Parisians. There is some lightness in their way of life, which is a little bit exaggerated and stereotyped in the Amelie movie, but don t you like it when Jamel Debbouze addresses the concierge with : “ C est beau la vie!” , “life is great”.
Yes my friends, life is great. Life in Paris is even greater. That’s why I carry all the Parisian places I have lived in and been to into my heart. As an expat in exile, I cherish it even more!
Sous le Ciel de Paris is a piece of fictional work, but it recalls real life situations that are so typical from Paris.
Breaking from the touristic stereotype, I depicted people from very various backgrounds and ages.
Be ready for Sous le Ciel de Paris, Under the Sky of Paris, you will enjoy it!
Your author, Isabelle Esling
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