My self-help book, Unwrap Your Present, is now available at Lulu and Smashwords

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Unwrap Your Present is a self-help book that allows people to release stressful and negative thoughts through a better conscience of the now.
This book is enriched with personal experiences, meditation and visualization techniques. Its aim is to allow the readers to develop a conscience of the momentum and to enjoy life to the fullest.
This book addresses anyone who is interested in self-improvement and living life to a richer dimension.
Through its exploration of mind and body, it will let the readers explore and understand different techniques to reach inner stillness and joy. Life is a gift and it is available to everybody.
This is the second release for music journalist and author Isabelle Esling
Why I wrote this book
All my life I have been interested in spirituality. I have been aware of the existence of spiritual laws since my childhood. However, I have been facing a lot of difficulties in my life because of my lack of awareness on how to apply these laws.
Like many other people, I have been stuck in the past and too many times, I have projected fearful visions of the future.
Since I discovered and acknowledged that the only moment any human really possesses is the present, I would like to share my discoveries and knowledge.
My aim is to help you all live a blessed and beautiful life. The present is the Universe s greatest gift to you: seize it!
Enjoy your read, your author,
Isabelle Esling