Bizarre/IDWMD/ song review

Bizarre/IDWMD/ song review
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Watch the video here.
Bizarre, the weirdo of the D12 group, leader of the uncontested Weirdo Movement, has just released a brand new video.
If you re of a very sensitive nature, I’d advice you not to watch the video, because you might be shocked by some graphic details. If you are a Bizarre fan you should be used to the dose of weirdness, dirtiness and hilarious elements Bizarre instils in his music.
You have been warned…let s go for a ride into Bizarre s world.
Meet Bizarre on a funny flute background in his bedroom, dreaming nasty, erotic dreams. Transsexual, bisexual lyrical delirium is also allowed.
His blue car is parked outside, in the middle of the forest.
Flute and drums introduce a light and comical background while Bizarre raps on his bed, exposing dirty details of his sex life. Bizarre wiped out all kind of cleanliness: he doesn’t twash his teeth, nor does he proceed to intimate toilet of his posterior. Menstrual blood doesn’t stop him…
Bizarre s intent is to probably to shock the viewer at first sight, but also to show him he hasn’t lost an ounce of his sick-hilarious style. This is probably not his best video, but it will probably give you a good laugh if you re sensitive to his so particular sense of humor.
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