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If you like biographical movies and you got an open ear for good quality music, the Ray movie that depicts Ray Charles life is certainly a must have in your library.
Jamie Foxx plays the role of the musical genius from his humble beginnings, raised by a single mom to stardom.
The move doesn’t spare you young Ray’s hardships and drama. It goes through little Ray’s dramatic life. Even as an adult, Ray remains haunted by the death of his little brother who drowns in the water in front of his eyes. His mom helps him to deal with his blindness and allows him to become an independant adult. A very interesting scene is the way Ray learns to play the piano.
The movie also describes the man in his weaknesses, his drug addiction, his life with wife and mistress. But moreover, the whole film is filled with intense moments of swinging sounds.
Ray Charles will have to deal with the opposition of the Church, because he combines gospel and R’n’B in his music.
His fighting spirit will allow him to eventually get recognition from the state of Georgia for his brilliant composition, Georgia On My Mind. Ray Charles’ music can and will defeat racism.
I recommend this brilliant movie to any music lover who wants to know more about jazz legend Ray Charles. If you haven’t done it yet, go watch the movie!
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  1. Great film for anyone who is a fan of his or anyone who just wants to see a good movie. If you haven’t already seen it I also reccomend a eaqually brilliant film, Walk The Line, about singer Johnny Cash.

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