Exclusive unreleased Big Proof interview, by me

Four years ago, I’ve been granted the chance to interview Big Proof.
This interview has never ever been published…it has been done through Rude of IF just a few months before Big Proof died…Attention, please! This is from January 2006. Love you, Big Proof:)))

Proof interview Q & A’s
Deshaun Holton aka Proof aka Derty Harry, thanks for accepting this interview.
1. Many people know you as the D12 member, but less people know you as a solo artist. Is that the main reason that motivated you to create Iron First?
Yeah, it seems that the people forget the origin of D-12. All solo artist an who ever gets on comes back for the rest
2. What is the main difference between the D12 artist and the solo artist you actually are?
Basically too different perspective to speak from..
3. In your Searching For Jerry Garcia album -tight album, by the way- suicide seems to be a recurrent theme…can you tell us a little bit more about your fascination with suicide and about « Club ‘27 »?
It’s a metaphor, the death of Derty Harry, a cocoon state, its a new beginning… Club 27 is some spooky shit to me, a lot of incredible artists…
4. Besides your love for your hometown that is present in your Cds and mixtapes, what or who is your main source of inspiration?
Man life is the greatest inspiration, hands down.
5. D12 and Proof fans are familiar with your E.S.H.A.M track and have followed your beef with local rapper Esham. On your Grown Man Shit mixtape, you apologize to him. I have heard that both of you have reconciled in Detroit at your birthday party. Do you have some collaborations with Esham included in your future projects?
Yeah, me and Esham gonna do some work very soon.
6. I Miss The Hip Hop Shop that beautiful mixtape of yours recalls the days of the Hip Hop shop in Detroit. Back in the days, what do you miss most about the early stages of Detroit hip hop?
Wow! That’s an ill question … I miss the innocence, the vibe and the adventure.
7. What is the most difficult challenge you had to face in your whole career?
Separating the streets from the industry….
8. Besides D12, you have many collaborations with local artists at your active. Which Detroit artist (s) has (have) recently attracted your attention because of his (their) talent ?
Supa Mc, Woofpac, an J Hill. They all are very talented, an ,of course, Purple Gang.
Who are you keen on collaborating (whether on the local scene or on a national scale) with in a near future?
Mike from Alien Ant Farm, he’s a cool cat.
10. What kind of projects will you be working on after « Searching For Jerry Garcia »?
Hand to hand mix cd due out march 7th … P.G. album, Woofpac, Supa M.C. then Club 27, we just started on the 3rd D-12 album …. so be on the look out we coming full steam ahead.
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