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Deshaun Holton aka Big Proof wrote Time A Tell, a whole hip hop album, within 24 hours, just a few months before being savagely murdered at the CCC club in Detroit. Despite fame and his huge popularity in Detroit City and all over the world, Proof knew how to keep down to earth.With his simplicity and his full dedication to hip hop, his hard work, Proof has become the mere symbol of artistic integrity. With this very complete piece of work, Proof hasn’t left his auditors orphans: he is sharing his wonderful musical genius with his hometown and the rest of the world.
Each time I am tempted to give up on my passion, I look up to Proof. Then I know I have to keep doing my thing with the same flame, because we have to invest in our God-given gifts and allow the world to enjoy them as well.
Time A Tell is rich of many musical collaborations. We need to underline the participation of some skilled Detroit talents like Killa Kaunn, First Borne, Supa Emcee of Iron Fist, J-Hill, Mudd and Thyme of 5 ELA, Moe Dirdee and TY Farris, just to name a few.
The album is rhythmic, inventive with its numerous musical compositions, rich of atitute punchlines. Proof’s raspy voice stands out in the whole album. The Detroit legend is giving you some insight about the Detroit scene.
After a theatrical intro, you will be introduced into a touchy subject, Friends Ain’t Really Friends. The musical background has a rhythmic jazzy-soul touch. The listener will be reminded of Tupac and Biggie’s stories. Fakeness gets exposed in a genuine Proof lyrical rapping style. Thumbs up!
You Heard Of Us featuring Killa Kaunn and First Born is a swinging, offensive track in which the emcees’ skills are fully enlightened. The track gets grimy andd murderous. Enjoy the Detroit style!
Whole New Beginning features the brilliant Supa Emcee. The song is quite nostalgic. Words do matter in this one too.
Priceless combines trumpet and siren background sounds. Feel the dangerosity of hood life. I love the icy cold steel spirit put into his song.
I Think Of You is built on a soft musical background. There, Proof really excels in verbal fluency.
Most of you aready know Sincerly Proof, a track that had been leaked on the internet a short time after Proof passed away.
Pill Pop is written in a sarcastic style. I love the lyrics, Proof’s sense of humor.
Among the songs I really liked, I recommend you the Time A Tell track.
It is beautifully made and reeinforces the Detroit emcee’s know how. That’s how they do it…and they are really good at it!You go, Purple Gang.
You like it lyrical? Go listen to Verbal Spar where you will enjoy Woof Pac’s verbal storm.
Nearly 4 years have gone by since Proof passed away. But his music is pretty much alive. Time will tell you about Proof’s legacy. The emcee is one of hip hop’s most valuable jewels.
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