Exclusive Ty Farris aka 40 Flame interview!

If you are into Iron Fist artists, the name Purple Gang is certainly familiar to you. Today I have the great pleasure to interview 40 Flame whose word is definitely worth your interest. Have a look!
1.What motivated you to become an emcee?
Well..The actual Music at the time i started rapping is what motivated me….i LOVE street music…so round 02-03 u got rocafella,ruff ryders all making quality street music…so i started rapping in my neighborhood…memorizing 16s and spitting them just for fun..so thats what got me started…but the motivation came from my cousin i lived with…he was rapping…watching him write raps and going to the studio got me started to really rap..
2.What is the story behind your nickname?
My 1st rap name was T-FLAME..i got that threw the streets…round the time the hot boys was poppin…me and my boys used to break in cars and steal sounds and shit off that nature for a living…so 1 time i broke in a car by jumping threw the sunroof of a camaro (i think it was) to open the door..which was parked next to security booth…security guard was sleep…i did that and my boy said that was some hot shit….ya name T-Flame…T because my real name is Ty.Flame because i use to do HOT shit in the hood…
The 40 Add On Came From 1 day Me.Fame And Lofat Went To The Gun Range And I Shot The 40cal And My 1st Shot Was A bullseye..I said my new name is 40flame…
3.Describe your music within a few words…
Unique,Real,Creative,Picture Painting,Street,No Gimmicks
4.You knew Deshaun Holton aka Proof personally. Proof is the man behind the Iron Fist label. How was he as a friend, CEO, collaborator?
Proof as a Friend:He was just like one of the homies…he was good with cash and all that..but he act just like a normal nigga would..I could depend on him…he got me out jams a couple times..
Proof as a CEO: He was very hands on with every element of the label…music,radio,promotions anything he had his hand in it…
5.I heard from Rude of IF (I interviewed him a while ago) that there were beefs inside of the label opposing you and two other Purple Gang members…can you give us more insight about the beef that opposed you and Famous to First Borne and Killa Kaunn?
Basically Me and Fame didnt like the way things were being handled after proof passed…so we felt us leaving was the best for our careers…For as all the diss records and negative interviews…should have never happen…just it was such a touchy situation at the time..where it was more emotional actions instead of thought out actions….we took jabs killa threw at us…we threw jabs..diss records…basically because of misunderstandings maybe and outsiders in each party ear talking shit..but thats the past…wish everybody over there the best!!
6.How did you come up with the “ Skrilla Gorillas” concept?
Honestly i dont know who came up with it..me or famous….when we talk..we have are OWN slang….we make new words up on a daily…and come up with witty quotes….but i imagine round the time the skrilla gorillas show mixtape came about…the name was created….Skrilla Gorillas Is NOT the group name for Famous And FLame….its just a name that represents people we fuck with musically,street and whatever other avenue being used to get MONEY!!!
7.Which artist(s)-mainstream or underground have earned your respect on the Detroit scene and why?
Mainstream:Eminem,Royce,Obie Trice,Black Milk
Underground: Seven The General,Rock Bottom,Tone Tone
8.What is your personal outlook on the Detroit scene?
EVERYBODY SAY THIS… but its divided…its gonna stay this way..cuz its too many egos….I can honestly say i extend my hand to help others and collab..but that shit is never shown back..which is cool…im happy with doing songs by myself and with famous…until the divided shit comes to a cease…we will never grow as a city…simple as that..
9.Which artists have you collaborated with already?
Ive done songs with most of them…rather it was sending verse to dj young mase and he mixing the verses together…or actually sitting in the studio with them…i work with others that i respect…but im not big on features…always been like that…not being a asshole..but i think im just very selective on who i work it….gotta make sure they official…
10.Which artists you haven’t collaborated with yet would you envision collaboration with?
Only artist is probably Royce 5 9 and Guilty Simpson…i listen to they music…its dope…the streets would like that…
11.You have a new mixtape coming out soon…a few words about your upcoming work and what listeners should expect from you?
Yeah Directors Cut…Dropping September 11th…its me basically showing that ive grown into a real artist…people know i can do mixtape joints..hot punchline filled freestyles…but i really wanted to show i can make songs…concepts,hooks and try different flows…..also with this project i think it will help people understand me as a person..some artist try to paint a picture in the listeners mind on what they think they listerner would like instead of being themselves…im giving ya the real me…so u can expect an very nice piece of music put together by yours truly….i expect it to be one of the best mixtapes of the year NATIONALLY NOT JUST LOCAL…we shall see…lol
12.cAccording to you, what is your main strength as an artist?
I’m good at Concept songs…And I’m Very Creative….THE MIXTAPE WILL PROVE IT!!!

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  1. dear marshal mathers im your bigest fan i have posters pictures and more of you i love you so much,i am 11 years old and know every word to every song you’ve created. please write back i love you people say your a discrace but i think you are a beautiful person on the out side,i would like to know what you are on the inside.
    your freakin bigest fan shayla trull

    1. please post on topic…another thing: I doubt Eminem reads my blog, but even if he did, do you really think he has time to respond? Eminem is a busy man.

  2. no1 in the world is a bigger fan to you than me, i have a poster of your tattoo, rot in pieces towards kim LOL i love it, plz get back to me, i know nerly every single 1 of youe songs am just stuck on your new album relapse, de ja vu, an hello an few others but the rest are great, every1 goes on how much they love u an are your fan but ther not, i talk about you an your songs to every1 an they fink am sad but i dont care, i jus would love to meet you an let you hear me out on my bad life i had jus like you, am 17 years old an ive been listening to your songs since 2000, ive watched every interview on jonathon ross where you talk about your brittant spears diary what you lost in a bar LOL, you are my biggest ever fan marshall an i would love to hear your voice face 2 face, IM NOT GAY BY THE WAY i jus reaaly would like to meet you please 🙁 i hate when every1 disses an talks behind your backi when clearly they have the fuckin problems, PUNKS, get back to me, heres my email connormahaffy1992@hotmail.co.uk i would love to see you or hear from you when ever you get the time you bust man, i have every single song to battle/ MC you habe ever made on my ipod an jus afew 2pac songs an 50cent but ur songs are the songs you cannott dislike… well not to me. ever. get back to me please it will light me up just to read a message from you off my hotmail, my lifes a misery but thats life ey?! 🙁 i hope you do another cd after relapse, they jus gett better an better even tho FACK was outstanding, the lyrics to that song made me laff so much i wantes to be YOU 🙁 good luck em, LEGEND FOR LIFE.

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