Journalist 103/ K.R.A.M mixtape review

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If you ever asked yourself what Detroit underground emcee Journalist 103’s anagram K.R.A.M ment, it reveals the very intentions of its author: keeping rap alive movement. Unlike many young and unexperienced emcees who step up into the rap game with loads of arrogance, the excellent emcee Journalist 103 takes you back to the roots of rap music’s essence. The former Proof collaborator recalls that hip hop’s first struggle was political. The K.R.A.M mixtape features a good range of interesting Detroit talents such as R.I.P Big Proof, DJ Houseshoes, Miz Korona. A few tracks are produced by Sick Notes producer Essmann.
Soft harp sounds introduce the CD. It features Joey Loopz whose aim is to take you listeners to a higher level in which artistic honesty and a great sense of reality matter.
Vangard enlightens Majestic Legend’s talent on rhythmic instrumentals. Lyrical empire builder, the artist will truly amaze you with his skills who paints life in the hood with a lot of realness.
Learn the truth from Journalist 103 himself: past, present and future are an occidental concept. We gotta learn from history ( the past) to master present and future. Only those who have full control of their present will master past and future. All three elements are ONE. Only a good knowledge of rap music’s original meaning will prevent emcees from making the same mistakes. Understand its political fight and rebellious spirit and go for it!
One very valuable track is Writer’s Block in which lyrical bullets hit their targets and play the role of an eye openers. Journalist 103’s expertise in handling the track is remarkable. Words and instrumentals work together to harmonise a rapper’s harsh fight. I loved it!
You can call Reality Rap a classic already. Yes, real hip hop is all about reality- this is how it should always be.
Listen is another beautiful composition based on flute sounds and sharp lyrics. It captivates your ear with the intensity of the swirl and splash of sea water. Apex slams racist white politics and is a strong call for people to stand up for their own freedom.
ReIntro is a hot keyboard built track in which Journalist 103’s competence fully comes to shine. Keyboards and piano work together to create a sensation of discomfort. Open up your eyes and ears an listen to the emcee from th 313.
All Proof fans will recognize the melody of Proof’s Broken track that features Mu and RIP Proof. The production is handled by DJ Houseshoes and Jareed. Jam to the beat and enjoy the Detroit classic!
Endangered Love features the Laila Ali of rap aka Miz Korona. Soulful vocals are combined with a good manly duo.
Move recalls the dangerosity of the hood. With its scratches sounds, its knife alike vocals and lyrics, the track is truly a hip hop jewel.
Jihad Music puts you into Journalist 103’s muslim heat atmosphere. Pay an attentive ear to the emcee’s fighting spirit that is enhanced with a beautiful Nas sample.
Globally speaking, the K.R.A.M mixtape is a beautiful piece of work, that will take you back to the original roots of hip hop. It will also allow neophytes to get more insight about Detroit emcee’s know how. Journalist 103 and his collaborators’ hearts beat in unity to the sound of high quality hip hop.
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