Politics- an edgy Murph Derty-Zo collaboration( mixtape review)

Global rating of the mixtape: 4 stars
Dark, cadenced instrumentals with a soft soul touch, the Murph Derty and Zo (of the Detroit I Dash group)’s avant-gardist use of their sounds, their rapid flow and constant syllable slapping will definitely conquer a hip hop loving audience. Murph Derty hails from Sidney, Australia. Zo and Murphy’s complementary know how reveals the listeners a brand new dimension of handling words and instrumentals- darkness, offensiveness, a scurrilous mind is astutely mixed up with a soft note that has a refreshing dew effect.
The dynamic duo is marching on, introducing Monsta Music to the world. Two lyrical soldiers who carry the power of a whole army are ready to fire hot syllables out of their mouths. Attention, please! Both emcees are ready to rip it off.
Face Off is sharply written. Electric guitar sounds offer a beautiful, opposing contrast to the harsh keyboard sounds. Our emcees are ready to conquer the world. Follow them into their crazy ride.
U Gone Love Me has some Dirty South accents. Piano, keyboards, violins introduce a dramatic dimension into the sounds. Two artists won’t compromise their style to please anybody.
I Don’t Dance combines some repetitive techno accents with a Dirty South flavor…groupies get smashed in that one! I liked it. Well done.
Pimping gently contrasts with Bodyguard’s dark notes. Light piano notes, some ironic accents make the Pimping song an ear delight.
Cinema is made of soulful guitar sounds combined with violins notes. Rhythmic beats truly enhance the song in which both emcees lyrically excel.
Instrumentally, I’m A Jerk is probably the most surprising song of the mixtape. Repetitive sounds on mad Zo’ lyrics: have a listen and don’t be afraid to discover something innovative-instrumentally speaking. It is proof that the rap game is constanly changing, requiring agood adaptability from the listener.
Among the songs I really appreciated, count Strung Out. Enjoy the depth of the instrumentals: yo gotta dig the piano-violin-bass-drum beat intelligent combination.
I’d also recommend all of you Good Die Young: enjoy the astute wordplays and the hammering piano background. Reminescing hip hop’s lost soldiers, the song reveals both artists’ know how.
Globally speaking Politics has a lot to offer to hip hop loving ears. Because of its yet unexplored musical techniques, it might surprise some of you, but don’t let this element distance you from good quality hip hop.
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