The Warning or how Slim Shady butchered "Mary Poppins" on a Dre beat ( song review)

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A pissed off Slim Shady with a dark minded spirit is addressing Mariah Carey’s recent ridiculous ” Obsessed” video. Unlike some ignoramus comments I read on you tube recently ( “Eminem barely disses anyone, so why did he get at poor Mariah?”), people who are less familiar with Marshall Mathers should know that disses are Slim Shady’s specialty. Eminem has been earning credibility on the local Detroit scene as a battle rapper. A battle rapper is not supposed to be nice, nor to show warm feelings to any opponent.
Some might object that Mariah is not an emcee and that a female shouldn’t be dissed. I’ve also heard from some commentators that the ” Mariah fling” dates back to 2001 and that it is childish to get back at ” such an innocent person”.
You naive people don’t get it: if Slim Shady is so much angry on the song, he’s got good reasons to be. If a former boyfriend denied dating me, believe me, I think I’d be angry too. Eminem astutely confronts Mariah lies by displaying her voice from the past voicemails she left into Slim’s mailbox.
The song is built on some catchy beats that totally fit with Eminem’s loud and angry voice that is shanking Mariah’s fakeness, step by step. Hammering piano notes accentuate the rapper’s ire. Here comes the thunderstorm: better be prepared for the avalanche of words that will follow, exposing true facts. I totally enjoyed Eminem’s honesty in exposing the truth.
Call it a revenge, yes, it certainly is, but moroever it is a lyrical slaughter in which the talented rapper shows some claws to rip his victim off in a very merciless manner. This is how the lyrical master will put sluts playing innocent virgins into a pool of blood- which is very enjoyable in my point of view.
Whatever dark and horrible “secrets” ( by the way, to know secrets about a man, it is quite obvious you must have been dating him, didn’t that pop up into “Mary Poppins” innocent mind?) Mariah might reveal about Slim Shady and even though he’d schock and lose some die hard fans because of them, the full mouthed rapper possesses a treasure Mariah aka ” Mary Poppins” seems to be totally deprived of: an undeniable talent!
I totally enjoyed the grimy spirit, lyrics and flow. Slim Shady is back. For good. You go, Eminem!
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27 thoughts on “The Warning or how Slim Shady butchered "Mary Poppins" on a Dre beat ( song review)”

  1. talent? what talent? a so called singer who was once payed for one year by her own label not to sing? LMAO

  2. Wow, Isabelle; have you never heard the song “Open Arms”? “One Sweet Day”? “Hero”? “When You Believe”? I’m sure you’re old enough to have heard these songs…I’m just amazed that you think Mariah Carey can’t sing. I mean, not liking her is one thing, but implying that she’s talentless? Maybe you’re judging her only from her music the past few years, which would make sense…but what if someone were to judge Eminem purely by his most recent singles?
    Anyway, I think it would have been smarter if Eminem had just laughed off the video as a joke. This is a good track, excellent delivery, but all it only makes Eminem look like he really is obsessed with Mariah Carey. If one of my exes denied dating me, I’d be mad, but not for as long as Eminem is. Eventually I would move on. In the end of “The Warning,” he states that he’s moving on with his life, but if he really was, would he have still made “Bagpipes from Baghdad” so many years after she first started denying their relationship?
    A better question is, if he really moved on and only thought of her as a bitch and a cunt, why did he save her voicemails after all these years?
    Also, there’s a difference between Carey’s songs and Eminem’s songs. There’s a difference between your ex-boyfriend accusing you of being obsessed and explicitly laying out to the public the details of your sex life. I’m sure that even if you denied having sex with someone, you wouldn’t think it would be warranted for him to explain how far you guys went.
    And one more thing, I hate how you talk about their relationship like it’s fact. It very well may be true, but it has in no way been verified. Even if there’s a 90% chance it might be true, it’s irresponsible for you as a journalist to report something as a (or even imply something is a) fact that you have no proof of. It’s would be like someone reported that Chris Brown really did beat Rihanna after the picture was released; even though it’s pretty obvious that he probably did, no news source was premature enough to drop the “allegedly” from their articles until he pled guilty.
    Carey has never claimed to have dark “secrets” about Eminem; she’s never even called him out the way Eminem has to her. Right now, there’s no pictures out. Right now, there are no videos. Right now, there are no articles in which paparazzi have found the two together.

  3. Carol, I am not into Mariah Carey at all…I hate all the crap I heard from her- i must say by coincidence on MTV, because i’d never listen to it otherwise…
    I am talking about her relationship with Eminem as a fact, because witnesses who used to live at Eminem’s house have seen Mariah Carey…other people have seen them at going out together. J R Watkins used to babysit Hailie and she has seen Mariah CArey at Eminem’s house…isn’t that a proof?
    And yes, she claimed to detain a secret that could break Eminem’s career, because since 2005, Eminem intented to release her voicemails…the voicemails are also proof of the relationship.
    Mariah Carey is a liar. That’s undeniable.

  4. Good diss, but I still want to see a actual rapper to go up against him. The only decent competition he’s had was Canibus.

    1. Canibus is very good and very lyrical…well I’d love to see Em vs Ice Cube or Nas:)

  5. I hope he releases everything. What he already revealed the song is a lot worst than a picture can show (unless it actually shows his cum on her) so he might as well. I know if I nutted on my girl all my homeboys would have known the second I got hands on my phone.

  6. this is bullshit get as far away from AA as possible this new shit i cant relate to it. you used to write things that made me relate to you. I just dont give a fuck, white america, kill you ect.. and then u put out songs like damn half a vik yummm and valium omg please the weakest benzo out there. the refill is kinda sick but when the eminem show came out i cryed everyday for weeks to get that CD ur my IDIOL stop putting out songs about pussy shit and get real again. please. and the accent STOP!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i liked it on encore not on Relapse the WHOLE THING!!!!!!

  7. mariah is just a liein bitch with (HIB)hair i buy…… good job slim by dissin this bitch…..u go

  8. we luv u EMINEM……….. luv u so so soooooooooooooooooo much………………….

  9. we always luv u SLIM SHADY…………
    please come to INDIA………

  10. Ohmygawd, I swear I am the biggest fan of yours. I could give soo many examples of proof if anyone wants it. And this Tyler person should defenatly comment me back(:

  11. Umm ok? U all seem more concerned than them.. Stfu already. Ooooh mariah lied, so what, who doesnt? And yes he blasted her business out..big deal. Looks like she got the message and theyre both done so u all should drop it too. Its not a big deal..just a verbal fight that most peolle, including celebrities have. How ma.y people have u known to do this? Rather jt was this far or not. Hmm probably everyone including yourself…unless youre perfect, stop talking shit. Good bye, oh and remember to grow up 🙂 (sorry about the typos im sure youll all complain about that too…lmao, teens.)

  12. slim shady what do you think of his songs my pesanal opinyen is……..
    well he is so hot i mean look at his abs

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