Edga Da Messiah Kayci/ God's Infection LP

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Underground emcee Edga Da Messiah Kayci has been exposed several times on the Eminem blog. The remarkable artist’s clever use of instrumentals, his incredible flow delivery, his dark Ice T alike voice raised a lot of interest from most readers.
Far from being average, Edga’s know how in handling instrumentals will manage to transport the listener into a cosmic dimension in which you will feel the fight between opposed spiritual forces. Edga gives a new definition of contemporary hip hop. The messiah is back. Let’s walk step by step through the tracks of his God Infection’s LP.
The Revolution Has Begun: the violin/ rhythmic drum background is the prelude to a new era introduced by Edga. You gotta love the swinging instrumentals that introduce the changes announced.
Witness The Coming: at the dawn of a new era, follow the Messiah in his crazy, repetitive rhythm on which his flow spreads like an unexpected whirlwind. Get metaphysical, elevate yourself, touch the sky with the emcee.
Edga’s force also lies in his avant-gardist use of the instrumentals in which he dares to combine strange sounds to dope beats.
Who Can? Who can fuck with the man who brings you back to the genesis of rap music, recalling its elements, spreading words like atomic particles, creator of crazy rhythms ex nihilo? Enemies get erased by verbal fluency in no time.
In Where Do We Go, Edga gets even more mystical. In this rhythmic, hammering instrumental transe, Edga seems to travel through time and space in order to rejoin God’s dimension. Edga’s mom passed away while he was working on this CD, which makes the track even more emotional. Instrumentally, the drum-trumpet-keyboard association unleashes the invisible spiritual forces. A son is talking to his deceased mom. Emotional words cross the river of ages and centuries to melt into the universal sea of mankind. Wow…this track is truly elevating!
Conceited Bastard attacks narrow minded people who are all about money and clothes. Let’s get lyrical on a surrealistic musical background. Well done, Edga.
War: like an army of soldiers marching on, the powerful instrumentals that combine keyboards, bass and drum plays symbolize the era of terror and blood. Get caught into Edga’s whirlwind of words in which he warns humanity in a very prophetic sounding voice.
Among other songs I really like, I’d recommend Cold World to all of you.
Globally speaking Edga has done some amazing work on his CD. His well mastered flow, his good sense of rhythm, his creative use of the instrumentals make an outstanding artist of him.
You can cop his CD with no hesitation!
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