Jimmy Kimmel taught how to rap by Em ( full video at Rap Radar Dot Com)

This shit is HILARIOUS…don’t miss it!
Here is the link.

17 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel taught how to rap by Em ( full video at Rap Radar Dot Com)”

  1. hey, i’m just wondering.. does em hate homosexuals? of course nobody knows this for sure, but if somebody knows something?

  2. Eminem is d rap god. M also a rap lover n’can do any of d eminem’s rap, nt as well as he do, bt still m perfect. All i want 2 say dat is dere’s no 1 lyk him on dis whole earth. He is my prime inspiration. Whenevr i was failed in any of my operations, wenevr i was abt 2 fall, i jst gt d image of his face in my mind, n rose again 2 fight n succeed. Besides his marvelous talent of rap, i do like d attitude he posses. It looks natural, as if it is in his blood. Like odr famous personalities, he had nevr pointed out his success in his work. He jst signifiesed d difficulties dat he faced in his past. My moto of life is jst 2 low my head in his feets once, only den i vil consider dat my birth on dis earth is successfull.
    Hats off 2 him, may god will always keep his hands over him.
    No one like ‘EMINEM’-: Has borned or will born on dis planet again.

  3. i never said he was gay, isabelle 😉 read the question and then answer? 🙂 but nevermind

    1. My apologies…i was actually passing by my blog and misread your comment…i read ” dating” instead of ” hating”…no he is not hating on homosexuals in real life as far as i know…

  4. =/ I don’t see what in that comment would make you think 🙂 was calling Eminem gay. I guess you were in a hurry or something and didn’t have time to read it.
    Anyway, Eminem has said that he’s not homophobic; in fact, one of the people he mentions in his “Thanks” page in his album is Elton John, an openly gay (or bisexual? I’ve read different things) celebrity.

    1. my bad…i really misread the comment…i was actually in a hurry…so sorry…yes , i know that Eminem thanked Elton John who helped him with his drug problem and i think he is not hating on gay people in real life…why would he? it is just that so many people interpreted his lyrics literally and actually think he is gay bashing, but in my opinion, he’s not…

  5. hahahaha
    that’s okey. 🙂
    yeah, i really don’t take his lyrics serious..
    but faggot is a word he mentions a lot, kinda irritating

    1. If people took his lyrics at a second degree like you do, it would be really ok…well yea he mentions faggot a lot, but many other rappers do…i think that the word ” faggot” is misunderstood in his lyrics…it should be taken as ” sissy”, most of the time, not as “gay”….
      Sometimes when he uses it with the meaning of ” gay”, he also does it out of provocation against conceited people who reduce his music to a gay bashing thing…

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