Sorry folks…

Most Eminem songs from Relapse have been leaked on You Tube…I have listened to most of them and VERY HONESTLY I am not feeling Eminem’s album at all…it really makes me sad to listen to low quality music from him…his music resembles more mainstream pop than rap music…and I define myself as a hip hop fan…I’m not in harmony with what he is doing, don’t like what he is doing at the moment.
I don’t care how some people will rate me (oh you are not a fan any more, oh what’s the purpose of your blog, then etc etc…)
Ok…let me clear things once for good…
I happen to be a music journalist and a writer who has explored Eminem’s work in depth. I have ALWAYS been very appreciative of the artist’s lyrics and work in general.
No, I don’t hate Eminem. I am just being honest. I still think that he is an outstanding person and artist. I love his global work and do consider him as a lyrical genius and a major hip hop artist. But I have the right not to feel his current music and the turn it is taking.
I am disappointed of the way Eminem dumbs his music down. I don’t like his current accent and I don’t like when he sings. He is very good at rapping, not at singing in my opinion.
I would tell him face to face the same things I am already telling you all. If you respect somebody, you won’t kiss ass. You will tell the person the truth, That’s the way I view things.
I’d act the same way with anybody else.
I’ll review Relapse as soon as I will be less busy. You might not like this upcoming review, but I promise to be honest about how I feel about this album.

2 thoughts on “Sorry folks…”

  1. I agree with you about this stupid accent in some songs (3 am for example). I really like Beautiful, especially the lastest verses. I can’t say that I agree with everything you wrote, but every human has different taste:). Appreciative that you not “kiss his ass”:)
    SRY for grammar 🙂

  2. I appericate and respect you for your honesty! I too, have heard similiar responses about my opinion of his current music, doubting me as a loyal fan, but as a journalist and a hip hop lover, I won’t lie to myself or anyone else to save face or make peace… no ass kissing here!
    I can’t wait to read your review!

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