Nathalie's word to Eminem's 3 AM video

One of my readers, a German speaking reader of my Eminem blog, gave me a very interesting interpretation in German for the naked manikin man in Eminem’s recent video. She wrote the following comment:
“Zu der Textstelle
“Kiss the naked manikin man again
You can see him standin in my
Front window
If you look in”
Meine Theorie dazu ist, dass der nackte, puppenartige Mann für den Tod steht, der ihm schon so nah war, dass er ihn geküsst/angehaucht hat … der Hauch des Todes … würde auch zu seinem Interview passen, wonach er angibt dass er fast draufgegangen wär wegen einer Ãœberdosis Methaton. Außerdem hatte er sich auch mit Suizidgedanken zu kämpfen nach Proofs Tod – für ihn war das sicherlich ein harter Schicksalsschlag und noch dazu vorher das “Toy Soldiers” Video … da können schon Schuldgefühle hochkommen.

( Vielen Dank noch Nathalie:))
Her interepretation is that the naked man doll is a symbol of death, as Eminem has been that much close to death that he kissed/ breathed it…the breath of death…it would also fit into his interview in which he specifies that he nearly died from an overdose of methadon. Moreover, he also had to struggle with suicidal thoughts after Proof’s death that was certainly a hard hit from destiny…also, if you think that he has released Toy Soldiers before, culpability thoughts must have overwhelmed him too…
Thumbs up to Nathalie for actively contributing to the theme and helping me and other readers on Eminem’s video’s symbolism:)
I really wanted to share this with you, as her interpretation seems original and quite interesting. Feel free to comment…

5 thoughts on “Nathalie's word to Eminem's 3 AM video”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I asked myself the same question and thought I would die without knowing lol. 😉

  2. Thanks a lot, Isa!
    I couldn’t say it in English … i haven’t written or spoken english for quite a long time.
    So thanks for your translation. It’s a great honour for me to be mentioned in your article 🙂
    P.S: Loved your review of “relapse”! It’s so true …

    1. You are very welcome Nathalie…you totally deserved to be featured on here…your explanation totally fits into Em’s context…it enlightened evth in my mind and made me appreciate the video more…well about speaking English, I have no other choice in London lol but well even at the time I was living in France, I have always been in touch with English speaking persons…my best friend is English speaking, in fact he is a native speaker of German and English…
      aber was mir hier am meisten fehlt ist die deutsche Sprache…denn Deutschsprechende gibt es hier in England nicht so viele,,,hatte trotzdem die Gelegenheit als Ersatzlehrerin an einer Samstagsschule zu arbeiten…das war toll:)

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