Eminem/ Relapse/ album review

Eminem/ Relapse/ album review
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For a first time listener, Relapse shouldn’t be a reference album. Anybody who’d check Eminem as an artist for the first time should really dig deeper into the emcee’s previous work in order to see what he can do. Unfortunately, Relapse is a pale reflection of Eminem’s artistry.
I can tell, because I have spent years enjoying Eminem’s music and writing about it-from his pre-Infinite work till now. Eminem’s music influenced my life tremendously and in a very positive way. So please don’t take my honest critic of his present album as the words from the mouth of a hater. I am definitely not. I still have loads of respect for Eminem and I am still enjoying his former work.
But from a professional’s point of view, I owe the artist the truth about how I feel about his current music. I also owe the truth to all of you readers, no matter if you like to hear it or not.
The first detail that really bothered me while listening to Relapse, is Eminem’s fake accent. I used to enjoy his REAL voice and his edgy spirit. I keep asking me where Slim Shady has gone. Let me guess…oh true, Eminem killed his fictional character in Encore, but was he right to do so?
Not in my opinion. The full mouthed, lyrical, bad spirited Slim Shady had the power to conquer crowds with his creative skills. He has now been replaced by a weak sounding supposedly ironic accent that spoils most songs in the album.
Second detail that really spoils it all: the music.
Hip hop purists will probably agree with me: Relapse sounds more like bad mainstream pop than good hip hop. Eminem takes the role of a random singer. Has he forgotten that he was supposed to rap on a rap album?
While I still appreciate Eminem’s very personal approach in the album and his honesty towards his public about what he has been going through during the last couple of years, I am disappointed with his performance. I think I am not the only critic/ listener to feel the same way.
I was bored, most of the time. Although My Mom recalls some serious drug addiction history in Eminem’s family, the usually brilliant emcee should have chose a less theatrical entry and a more serious tone to talk about such issues. The instrumentals ( horrible tuba sounds) don’t fit with the theme either.
I already expressed about the mediocrity of We Made You. Also, I don’t see the point in dissing so many celebrities while being himself a very famous person.
Despite the fact I don’t like Eminem’s voice in it, 3 AM ( particularly after watching the video) is probably the best song of the album. Eminem has made a good effort on the lyrics, and his video is very imaginative. Plus he keeps being real about his addiction. The instrumentals and vocals manage to create a scary atmosphere here. If he only dropped that stupid accent, the song would have been fine, because I even enjoyed the rapping style in it.
I enjoyed Bagpipes From Bagdad, because I don’t like Mariah Carey and her brand new husband. Nick Cannon is fully ignorant to call a white man who spend most of his life among black folks and whose best friends and collaborators are mostly black – a racist. You go, Eminem, diss them hypocrites!
However, most other songs in the albums are really disappointing.
Crack A Bottle is a nightmare- lyrically and instrumentally as well. Even Dr Dre sets up a very weak performance. The video doesn’t make sense at all.
Old Times Sakes does not enlighten the artists abilities at all.
Globally speaking, Eminem’s new album is a flop. I am really disappointed. Marshall Mathers might be going through a lot at the moment, I don’t know. Hopefully he will come back with something better in the future.
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  1. I give the album 3/5. It was good, but he fell short then came back strong…which is pretty annoying. My mom was a VERY bad song. But truthfully, nothing can compare to relapse, currently. I honestly didn’t expect much from relapse. Relapse 2 is what I’m really looking forward to! As much as I respect your field of music journalism, I honestly can’t take your review as a thought before I buy relapse (even though I already listened to it) I mean you gave “The Villian” 5 stars! I listened to that album and felt sorry for the microphone he recorded into! I would give “The Villian” a 1 star. Anyways, I totally respect your opinion lsabelle, likewise should you. Oh, and eminem himself stated he recorded most of these songs while he was high. The only song he recorded while he was sober was “Beautiful” remember, Relapse was recorded in 2007. He was yet undergoing rehab.

  2. I TOTALLY respect you for your honesty! This had to be a hard review for you, after spending so many years as a fan and defending his music.
    I agree with you! I am in NO way impressed by this album! A FLOP is mild to what I personally called it!
    I don’t like his accent or his current material. I know he has been thru hell and back in the last few years, but people need to stop making excuses… we all go thru personal issues and trust me, no one makes excuses for me or you!
    It seems he lost his creative skills…
    What happened to his nasally voice… angry temper … hardcore lyrics… back in the Kim days… it has been replaced by a weak, fake accent/voice!
    I’m not saying he should go back to the Kim days, but truthfully speaking he was at his BEST!!! When he loved Kim he was good, but when he hated her, he was better!
    If I had to choose one song it would be, “Beautiful!”
    …And Mas, if Eminem recorded most of these songs while he was high, I thank God he is now sober… I’m NOT feelin’ this album!

  3. Yeah so that’s why I’m looking forward to relapse 2. Eminem said relapse and relapse 2
    Are all songs that he recorded while he was going through rough times. The good thing is that eminem was sober by the time he finished “Relapse” So relapse 2 should be pretty sober. I still can’t get over the fact that “My Mom” was such a
    BAD song!

  4. I was really disappointed with Relapse. I really expected him to be at the top of his game, but will see, maybe, with Relapse 2!

  5. Oh and one more thing to point out donna. You wrote that you liked “Beautiful” did you know “Beautiful” was recorded when eminem was sober! Now imagine how relapse 2 might sound!

  6. sorry, but I don’t like Beautiful either…this is not the skilled Eminem i knew…

  7. Album was a big letdown for me, Dre’s beats for the most part were good, but they were ruined the moment Em started rapping on them.
    Isabelle, will you be reviewing Blackout 2 by Method Man & Redman? It’ll be released the same day as Relapse & I’ve been anticipating this album more and feel it will be better

    1. yes i agree…the album is disappointing…i don’t know if i’ll review the album you are mentionning…i often lack time…

  8. yeah…
    it WILL still sell though because it IS eminem….
    wonder if he’s gona knock Green Day of the top spot…hope not :s

    1. yea probably…the name Eminem only sells well…but excuse me, what’s the point in naming Green Day on a hip hop dedicated website? I don’t care about Green Day at all.

    1. How much music from Eminem have you listened to? ( I’m not talking about his official albums only, but about HIS UNDERGROUND STUFF)…you gotta be kidding to tell me this is Em’s best album!

  9. There’s something that I just can’t seem to get: why does he keep telling that this album will be a “back to the roots”, meaning SSLP and MMLP?

    1. well…it doesn’t look like that…I don’t understand what he means, his current music is so different now. From the bonus tracks, I liked Be Careful What You Wish For, but again, the chorus was weak…honestly i don’t like it when he sings…he is not good at all at singing, he is made to rap…somebody, please tell Mr Mathers!

  10. I’ve listened to Eminem since I was young and his songs always touched me, but this new album doesn’t at all. It clearly is not as good as the MMLP, SSLP or even Encore.
    However, I think Relapse II will be the big thing. I simply can’t imagine that this album would be the “back to the roots” Eminem was talking about. Perhaps he’s teasing the true fans with this first edition, and he’ll come back even more powerful with Relapse II.
    At least that’s what I hope.

    1. Thanks, Eminem Fan for your comment…I totally agree with all you said…I have been deep into Eminem’s music too and Relapse is a big disappointment to me…i don’t understand people who praise it so much, because i know what Eminem can do. Usually he is brilliant, inventive and lyrical, but not in Relapse- with an exception for the 3 AM lyrics, perhaps…I hope you are right…hopefully he is teasing the real fans, the ones who appreciate good hip hop…i hope he’ll drop this stupid accent that does not fit him at all and stops singing for good…like i said he is made to RAP, not to sing…
      As much as I respect Marshall Mathers, I think Relapse is not good at all:(

  11. Yes, especially the accent you mentioned in the review is terrible. I kind of liked the track “Underground”, but I guess the chorus ruins te song.
    But there is still hope, as the last skit also suggests that the second album will be better.

    1. EminemFan, I want the old Em back, you know…i want him to be deep into his rapping thing, murdering instruments and killing syllables- for real…he was so good…that’s why I was so enthusiastic about advocating his skills!
      I really hope you are right:) So I’ll be waiting for Relapse Part 2…

  12. Wtf!? I actually liked hearing Eminem singing, I think he has an amazing voice… And I kinda liked the album, it may not be the best but it’s not that bad…

    1. Eminem is not really good at singing, sorry…plus his voice’s tone is too high for a man in most of his new songs and I can’t stand it…I have listened to so many Eminem songs, so I can make a difference between his former style and his current music…as much as I like Eminem, when it ‘s not good it is not good…just my opinion, but i refuse to do as if if i don’t like it!

  13. I love how people say it’s not the best but I like it. Please tell me what’s to like about it… he sounds terrible?

    1. yep…unfortunately he sounds terrible on that album…i think that somebody who’s been really deep into Eminem’s music since the beginning would barely like his current album…I have been in touch with a girl who met him in 2002, she has always been very supportive towards him, but since a couple of years she is saying that she doesn’t like his music at all…and believe me the girl respects Marshall Mathers…she’s been advocating him on the radio at a time he was very controversial!

  14. I completely disagree with all of you. Eminem’s bringing slim shady back from the dead, he said that relapse is more fun. Thats exactly what he is doing making fun. He wants to shock us again with his lyrics like he did in the old days! He puts on the voice like he did with ass like that because its funny. As for his lyrics they are still amazing, brutal and flow brilliantly!!!
    I’ll give it to you that some of the songs need a bit of getting used to like hello and a couple of others, but stop complaining, he’s back after 4 years. Wouldnt you rather have this than nothing?
    My mom is my favourite song on the album, other than 3am! Also the track with dre is also awesome! YA NOW SMOKIN WITH THE BEST ERREEI BEST!!!

    1. I’d rather have him retiring from the rap business than THIS, yes and I have the courage to admit it. You are talking about Eminem’s lyrical brilliance, looks like you don’t even have a slight idea of it… check his former songs…check my archive!

  15. I have to agree with Isabelle on this one!
    As a fan from 1999, his songs and lyrics were explosive! It’s better to walk away than to ruin the name and career he has built for himself. Real Eminem fans will not settle for crappy songs or make excuses for an artist, regardless if he is Marshall Mathers or not… they should be strong enough to stand up and admit the truth!
    And the truth is… these songs belittle the man I once respected as the greatest hip hop artist on the planet!
    Keep buying into his crap. Your fatting his wallet and settling for less and he’s laughing all the way to the bank!!!

  16. I thought ‘beautiful’ was the best track of the album. It was so honest and almost remincent of his old style

    1. Jay, although i don’t like Beautiful, I can understand that you like it, it is just a matter of taste, after all…but reminescent of his former albums? no way!

  17. The accent ruins the entire album. C’mon Em, there’s like Asian, Jamaican, Scottish, and Ebonics all wrapped into one. Stick to the original speak that put you where you are. Nobody wanted to see you change your nationality. Go back to cutting Kim’s head off, and getting head from Christina Aguilera.

  18. *The accent ruins the entire album. C’mon Em, there’s like Asian, Jamaican, Scottish, and Ebonics all wrapped into one. Stick to the original speak that put you where you are. Nobody wanted to see you change your nationality. Go back to cutting Kim’s head off, and getting head from Christina Aguilera.*
    Amen to this:))))

  19. Crystlmth, i have the feeling that he is trying to be somebody else at the moment and this bothers me…if you look at the 3 AM song, it is lyrically well written, the rapping style could be really good, but this goddamn accent is ruining the whole song! what’s going on with Eminem? Why does he act like this???
    I just don’t get it…

  20. After everything he went thru over the past few years, I thought this album would be explosive, not a dud!

  21. yea, i expected the same Donna, but i also realize, after all the drugs he’s taken, that he is really lucky to be alive…appearently his show was successful yesterday…all i can wish him is good luck, but i wish he’ll come back with some better tracks in the future…

  22. Well, at least “Relapse” is not as bad as “Encore”. But I respect your opinion on the album.

    1. I disagree with you SlimSonic45…Encore is not as bad as Relapse…of course Encore had some real crappy songs such as My First Single and Just Lose It ( with an exception for the video that i really found hilarious), but Encore had some real consistent songs such as Mosh ( lyrically brilliant, politically critical) and Like Toy Soldiers, Yellow Brick Road…I didn’t hate Encore, I just didn’t like some songs in it and i hated the farting sounds which I found immature from an adult man, but globally speaking Encore was not that bad…

  23. Relapse is not a dud or a flop or anything else of that nature. I give it a solid B, because conceptually and story wise, it was there; that’s what he was referring to when he said he was relapsing to SSlp & MMlp, not too many “artist” tells stories now-a-days. My expectations for this album was not for it to suck, and it doesn’t. Been a fan of Em since ’98 and when SSlp debuted, the majority was saying it was alright, now it is looked at of being one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time. Eminem is an artist, a storyteller, he’s a smart guy, he knows what he’s doing. Granted I wished he would’ve drop the mid-eastern accent in the album but I can’t sit here and complain. He even said in an interview he just slips in and out of it, and gets bored w/ the english language at times. There is a lot of hope for RE_2 due to tracks like “Beautiful”, “Underground”, and those awesome bonus tracks that should of been on the album. “Insane” is insane, “My Mom” is good, “Medicine Ball” is dope, and the skits are always a winner. I don’t really care for the accent in most of the songs but what are you gonna do, protest him. He’s doing what he does and that is making music, love it or not. And somebody said they don’t like when he sings? Do you happen to like “Hailie’s Song”? I respect everybody’s opinion but I have an asshole too. Welcome back Marshall, Eminem, Shady, Dre. R.I.P Proof. Relapse II will be his magnum opus.

    1. fHlooiD, you are totally entitled to your opinion and I am grateful for your input…however, please spare me ” I have an asshole too”, I find that gross… as a major Eminem fan, I am not here to hate on the guy. I have been in depth with his work and I know he is a smart guy. Never did I doubt that…also, I said in my review that I valued Eminem’s personal and sincere approach…I indeed think he is a great story teller, he knows how to captivate people…but musically speaking, I am not feeling his album…i don’t like his accent, nor do i like the use of some instrumentals on here…We Made You is boring to me, don’t like My Mom, nor Beautiful…the best songs are probably 3AM and Underground as far as i am concerned.
      I am not here to trash Eminem, hopefully most readers understood my intentions…I am being honest…can’t say i think he’s done a piece of art if i don’t think so…but I am still very appreciative of Eminem’s global work since his pre Infinite days…he is and will remain a giant in hip hop. His contribution to hip hop is undeniable. His music influenced and still influences my life…
      I think we have the right to discuss very different points of view and respect each other on my Eminem blog…so all of you go ahead, and submit your comment!

  24. btw I liked Hailie ‘s song…because this song was very emotional and as a mom of two kids, I can relate to the love we feel towards our kids…Hailie’s Song was like an interlude in a hardcore rap album, so i consider it differently, he wasn’t singing all the time in The Eminem Show…but remember, in Hailie’s song, doesn’t he state himself that he can’t sing? I think he was speaking out the truth: while he is excellent at rapping he is real bad at singing…

  25. Respect (sorry about the asshole, that was a joke saying that everybody has an opinion), but I’m still confused. Can you give me legit reasons on why you displease of the songs instead of the accent and it was boring? What did you think of the overall story being told? What did you like about the album and his approach? How do you feel about the bonus tracks? Do you think RE_2 will be a masterpiece, or do you think he is past his prime? Please let me know, I am still confused on your reasonings, thanks.

    1. no problemo, fHlooiD:)
      His approach is interesting, particularly in 3 AM, where you can feel the loneliness, the blackouts, the scary landscape and how he confronts his demons. Yes, he is very honest about confronting his demons and fears. I think that he is very honest about himself, as usual, unlike many other artists and other people in the business…I also like that kind of “innocence” that emerges from his way of telling things.
      Regarding the bonus tracks, I like Be Careful What You Wish for…i don’t like the chorus, though…Also, I find it a little bit contradictory…he says that he is the most personal rapper, and in that way he is so right…his music has been like a good friend to me for years, but then why does he complain about a fan wishing him well and wanting to pray for him? When he fell ill, many fans felt concerned. Praying for someone you like is nothing bad.
      Of course, I despise the ones whose whole life revolves around Eminem and who would be rude enough to call him, to follow him by car or to stalk him at his house door lol those people and the internet stalkers as well- should definitely get a life and I’d fully understand he wanted to diss them. But the precise example he chose is kinda irrelevant to me…
      I will try to enlighten you about the main reasons why I don’t like Em’s album this time:
      – musically speaking, it sounds much more like mainstream pop than rap music…very disappointing from a rapping genius like him…sometimes the instrumentals don’t seem to fit with the theme like in My Mom ( I hate that one, sorry)
      – I have the impression ( I might be wrong, but i am probably close to the truth) that Marshall Mathers, after all his hardships ( Kim, Proof’s death, being involved in beefs with Murda Inc and Benzino) wants to expose the funny side only…but I really loved his edgy side that he seems to have lost…he’s become too soft in my opinion (of course, he has all rights to be soft in real life), but as a rapper, I’d like him to keep being rough and rebellious, this has always inspired me…he never shied away from speaking his mind and now he seems to have lost it and wants to play the clown…
      Well, I still have some hope about Relapse 2…Eminem is a brilliant artist, so he is capable of doing sth outstanding…I just hope that drugs didn’t mess up his immense ability, but yes, I think he might do sth real good…

  26. That’s cool Isabelle. Here’s what I think, and to clarify why I gave it the grade I did. From track 1, he sets the tone on what the album is going to be about, him relapsing to his alter ego. 3AM is personal, scary, and funny all at the same time, which all of his mainstream albums are about, personal, funny, and scary. Then he takes us back to his childhood with My Mom and Insane, which is meant to be funny, sort of like As the World Turns and/or Brain Damage. He’s playing a serial killer throughout the album and even challenging some mythical and real life killers. He also refers himself to famous artists through the album. I had to hear this album 10x before I could make any type of judgement, also having to ignore the accent and listen to the message, and by doing that, it just makes sine to me. As a lyricist, he did struggle with songs like Stay Wide Awake, Old Time’s Sake, and Hello, but at the same time he murdered the verses in Insane, Medicine Ball, and Underground. The bonus track My Darling should of been on the album. That song really captured what he was trying to say with this album. Careful What You Wish For is amazing, again, that should of been featured on the album, it was personal and deep, and it lets people like us know that he still has it, and a great message at that. I know its not like SSlp, MMlp, or even EmShow, but you still have to respect it for what it is. This album grows on you, the more you listen, the more you get it. It doesn’t sound like mainstream pop to me, given there was a couple auto-tune appearances, but he didn’t make up some stupid ass dance or is wearing stripped sunglasses. Conceptually, story telling, and production, I give it an A-. Lyrically, we all expect better because its Em, give it a C+. Total grade, solid B. I appreciate it Isabelle, thank you for not kicking me off and respecting my point of views, love.

  27. fHlooiD, I am actually impressed with the depth of your analysis…you are right about songs growing on you…this is what happened to me with 3AM…i didn’t like it in the beginning, especially because of his voice, but lyrically i admit the song is quite brilliant…Underground is really good…but there are still so many songs i don’t like in it…maybe i should give it another listen, but you are certainly right on one thing, we are expecting more from Em, because he is Em.
    I’d like him to come up with sth real powerful that could raise the same enthusiasm I felt for his other albums…let’s hope he will:)

  28. you know what? the problem is “Hip Hop purist”… that is so fuckin’ retarded IMO… I used to only listen to Rap but now I can like any kind of music as long as the music itself has something that I appreciate in it… The only tracks of Relapse that I found to bore me a bit were “Bagpipes from Baghdad”, “Old Time’s Sake” and “We Made You” (this last one I just don’t like the lyrics)… “My Darling” has an amazing concept, it’s one of the best songs he could make… I’ve been an Eminem fan for years and I have all his albums (including Infinite) and 99% of the time there’s something in any of his musics that makes me like them so I’m happy that Eminem is back… If you don’t like his new album, too bad for you… I keep thinking he can sing but whatever… I bet most of the people here that listen to Rap/Hip Hop didn’t like Kanye West’s “808s & Heartbreak” album neither just because he decided to sing… This blog sucks…

    1. Whatever, your statements tend to prove that you are the retarded one that sucks…lol
      Anyway, I am fed up with people who praise my writings only when they are in accordance with their thoughts…I won’t write to please anybody, get over it! Moreover, I am not supposed to praise Eminem in any case- sorry if you don’t like it!
      Do you really think Eminem as an artist only wants smooth comments, admiration, applause and praise? No! He would like constructive criticism in order to better himself if needed. Even if you excel at doing something you are not perfect…criticism is always welcome from intelligent people…

  29. NO! this blog don’t suck…
    the people here are honest and truthful with their opinions, and some people have a hard time hearing or accepting the truth… the truth seems to hurt some people… perhaps “Whatever” you are one of them… you don’t like to hear the truth!!!

  30. I was shocked to come across this and see so many negative reviews. For the most part I hate 99 percent of all current Rap and Hip Hop. I was Huge on it in the 80’s, 90’s. I think Tupac is hands down the best rapper ever, no contest.
    I think Em is the second best ever, and he is an exception to the rule about current Rap and Hip Hop. I thought Encore was awesome, and I think Relapse is off the Chain.

    1. I think you should expand your tastes about hip hop if you hate 99% of it, before making any judgment about Eminem and other rappers…

  31. And, I have to ask about Beautiful. Is that him singing at the very beginning and end? I think it is so good, that I have a hard time believing it was him.
    I came across this site while googling the song. I was trying to find out who the singer was, cause I thought they sounded awesome. I was expecting to see Anthony Hamilton or something.

    1. no,i don’t think it is him at the beginning…and it’s the part you are talking about, I really loathe most…

  32. I can’t rember the Eminem Relapse music as soon as I’ve listen to it, like a goldfish. This is not as poweful as his other classic albums. There are better 2Pac’s, Snoop Dogg’s, Ice Cube’s, than this and that’s saying something. I can’t belive Dr.Dre produced this. Westside rules!!

    1. yes Luke, i agree…Em used to write powerful stuff…but in my opinion, this is his weakest album…i was also wondering how Dr Dre could produce this…hopefully Relapse 2 will be good..i really hope so…

  33. Album was terapeutic for EM.
    Em dosnt need to make any records or proove anything to anyone. He is just having some fun rapping and getting high on raps after the drugs almost killed him. I find actually that this is, in a way, the less mainstream album he did so far.
    The most logic thing to do at this point (36) for him was to develop a more constructive and maybe mature content.
    Yeah sure! Well your not having that thanks god.
    He is Slim Shady, and if you remember Slim dosnt give a **** he just says what he feels like.
    Slim is dissing himself in many ways in Relapse. Maybe he just wants you to share some of his crapo instead of being labeled ‘The best rapper of all times’ every 2 seconds by people in love with commercial songs like “Lose Yourself”
    Em is a real person with real issues that got involved in the mainstream thanks also to the truth of him being undergound. (MC battles should be more followed – hiphop is underground and charts and billboards are not)
    And I bet now he gets kicks about confusing fans with a genious record with terrible accents. This is no “fluke” or “flop” beacuse that would involve an faliure of acceiving with his art. I think critics, people, dont and cant have the balls or saying to undermine his art by simply not liking this album. Of course if you payed money for somthing you dont like you have all the freedom to complain or be dissapinted and i am with you 100 per cent!!
    In 3am he uses that annoying accent because it makes that track even darker and twisted. It is not for us. Its for the sake of art itself and maybe thats why people hate the track the first time then grow to like it… it is solid, no fluke
    Sorry my english sux

    1. yes sure…i understand that this album was Em’s therapy…i also admire his courage for coming back clean and talking about his addiction problems publicly…of course it is great that he is still kicking, but i think his former albums were better…

    1. I will make the effort to listen to the whole album, song after song, as soon as I will have time…i don’t like this album that much, but as a music journalist, i think it would be worth for me to go deeper with it and have a second look at the lyrics…sth positive might come out of this…yea, maybe…
      Well…I don’t like what he did here, but I still like his narrative approach and his honesty…he is one of the rare artists who stayed honest, and that’s a point in his favor.

      1. My point is: Em is an artist like many others in the game, and I agree that fans should focus more on the music than on the man himself…however, Eminem, Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers or whatever you call him begged to be different…since the Slim Shady LP, he has been building-willingly or unwillingly- a personal relationship with his fans…he shared very personal details of his life, his disputes with Kim, his workplace, his issues with his granny, the death of Ronnie, his love for his daughter Hailie and niece Alaina, he even made a footage of his kids for us fans…he was contantly taking us fans into his universe…I agree, I don’t know the man personally and I don’t intend to bother his personal life nor invade his privacy ( I am totally opposed to such behaviors), but I think Em gave his fans the impression that he was a personal friend through his music and you cannot analyze Eminem’s music without investigating his personal life (otherwise his music wouldn’t make sense)…look, I never heard about Proof’s kids’ names until he died and i have been a real big fan of his music…I don’t know Nas’ kids names, nor Ice Cube’s…every Eminem fan in the world knows he’s got a little girl named Hailie Jade…
        Em wanted to be known, loved, adored, so why complain?
        Do you get me now?

  34. I do get your point.
    He did exspose himself in the past with his personal life more then others would ever be willing to. What i do care is how he responds and reacts to his ‘personal issues’ not the issues itself. Thats what i can relate to. I like that he has the balls to say what he dose but I dont care about his personal life problems too much. Even if im a fan I dont personaly know the dude. Em is messing with your mind most of the time anyway.
    There is one thing i really care about. I care about how he spits.
    Em spits like crazy. Especialy on Relapse. That stuff is advanced.
    The accent and some absence of a content in his verses i think is what people get confused over.
    I think he is simply distorting words so that they ryhme together, not really adopting an accent.
    He really dose have a COMPLICATED flow and i mean it in a very good way.
    Ryhme patterns and schemes are everything in Relapse.. not really the content of his words.
    If you dont like the album.. put a ballon in your pussy, queef and blow it up!
    I know Realpse2 will please more ears, and be a more serious album for the generic fan.
    (I think this is a great blog and i thank you alot for your imput Isabelle and i really hope you will enjoy Relaspe2, lots of respect for saying what you think)

    1. Thanks for this input Jonathan:) I am happy you appreciate this blog…I will always speak my mind on different subjects…i like being honest about how i feel…well like i said i will give Em’s new album another attentive listen and will have a closer look at his lyrics too…

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