Two snippets that are not in Relapse…

One of my contacts on my space sent me the snippets to two other Eminem songs…I must say that I LIKE these ones…his style is different and he does some lyrical efforts on them.

18 thoughts on “Two snippets that are not in Relapse…”

  1. I hope he has been saving this stuff for the Relapse 2, because I really felt disappointed by this album.

  2. I know I was! I was expecting him to have a huge comeback… and instead, I am left disappointed!

    1. me too…and i think we are not the only ones…i have read a lot of comments on here and on other places too…a lot of fans are indeed disappointed…

  3. Oh wow! I just listened to the whole song “My Darling” ( and it’s so interesting. It’s a really great look inside his mind.
    “Check this out Slim, I gotta talk to ya. I don’t know, it just seems every since you got off ya
    drugs, you became a lot softer.” “But Dre, all Shady is is a bottle of hair bleach and vodka.”
    “You remember that night you prayed to Gody ou’d give anything to get a record deal? Well, Dre signed you. This is what you wanted your whole life, Marshall, right through…”

    1. yeah, lyrically speaking, the bonus tracks are interesting, i think so too…but i prefer Be Careful WhaT You Wish For…however, i keep asking me why he criticizes a fan who wishes him well and wants to pray for him…he revealed so much about himself in his music, went personal with his fans and now he rejects the love in the song? Then he is a little bit contradictory in my opinion…

  4. Eminem’s draw was always led by the shock value of his lyrics. At some point, he will have gone far enough that he can’t shock people anymore. Then he’s just some guy trying to keep up with Dr. Dre beats. I love Eminem’s work, his approach to music, and his style. But as far as shock value, he’s done.

  5. I don’t know about the whole shock value thing, I thought the Heath Ledger stuff was about as edgy as it could get.

    1. I have one question for well do you know Eminem as an artist? since when have you been listening to his music?

  6. Isabelle. You wonder why he asks a fan in Carful what u wish for why praying for him? Dose this fan know personaly Em? Just enjoy the damn music if u can is what Em wants. He dosnt need a sucker to pray for him as he states he allready has god on his side. And saying that is as arrogant as it is dope.
    Nope i dont get your point as probably Em still dosnt get why people adore him to the point of prayin for him..
    Also Shady has a different god then you do probably.

  7. he’s gone old school rugged, raw like his early infinite lyrics he is a legend show the man respect. The album is gold if you have followed eminem right through ou would love these lyrics.

    1. I think that if someone showed the man respect through the years it is me…i have been supporting and reviewing his music for years, taking insults for being a fan…i think i have the right to dislike one of his albums…and i am not against his approach, but on the average, i don’t think this album is great, period….i am not a groupie, so why should i acclaim him when i don’t feel this way?

  8. And how do his lyrics not have shock value he’s talking about getting rapped by his step dad haha if that’s not shock enough for you need some councilling

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