Stop all the fuss about Jade Goody…it's getting ridiculous!

I am angry against the British media. I am angry about all the fascination with celebrities. But, moreover, I can’t stand all the fabricated sob stories about Big Brother fabricated “star” Jade Goody. Now people are talking about deceased Jade as if she was an ‘extraordinary person’, a ‘saint’, a remarkable mom, etc. Some people even want to create a ‘ Jade Goody musical’.
Frankly does Jade Goody deserve all that? I don’t think so.
I do think that she was a poorly educated young woman and a pretty much annoying too. She really got into the media’s spotlight when she started bullying her Big Brother rival Shilpa Shetty. This was a pretty shameful episode in which she made racist remarks about Shilpa and her folks. It offended a lot of people in India. It nearly went to a diplomatic incident. Should we applaud Jade Goody for her lack of intelligence and diplomacy? Certainly not.
Of course, it is sad she died from cancer. Cancer is an horrible illness and I don’t wish it to anybody. But was Jade Goody the only cancer sufferer in the world? She was lucky to get all the medication she needed.
It is also sad she left two orphans. But her kids won’t lack anything for their future upbringing. Have you ever thought of the numerous kids living without their mom, because of the same illness, but whose remaining parent or grandma struggle financially to raise them?
Being “famous” doesn’t make a person interesting. Paris Hilton might be famous ( thanks to her parents’ fortune, by the way), but she is probably one of the most annoying women in the world-at least in my opinion.
I wish the media stopped putting people who don’t deserve it on a pedestal. Jade Goody hasn’t written anything, nor has she made any music or created anything else worth our interest.
So why keep talking about her?
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8 thoughts on “Stop all the fuss about Jade Goody…it's getting ridiculous!”

    1. I am not talking about that piece of scum, I am rather exposing the media’s attitude towards her. It’s not about me…
      ‘Stan’ what a strange nickname…are you the “Eminem stalking type”?

  1. I agree, its getting stupid now lol.
    shes dead, just because she was famous everybody wants a story. she is no different from the thousands of other people that die from cancer every year.

  2. To Isabelle. That’s my first visit on your blog, but for certain i will look your web up often;) like your wording, hold it on !:) regards !

    1. many thanks…btw, are you posting from Poland? If so, I just wanted to tell you that I like Polish bread here in London lol

  3. Who gives a shit, people die every minute of everyday and they ain’t getting the attention this bitch got. Plus I’ve can name far more important things and people to care about than her.

    1. yea, i see no reason why we should care about her…she hasn’t done anything extraordinary for our world…that’s my point…

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