Another Eminem release…what the hell is happening with Marshall Mathers?

I just listened to Eminem’s brand new song, 3 AM.
I did not even bother to download it. While I’d be less critical towards the song’s lyrics, I must say that I really HATE Eminem’s voice on that one.
What happened to his sharp, angry voice? Looks like the artist totally lost his edge. Sorry, but he raps like a girl in this song. His voice is so truncated, artificial. I don’t know what to say, besides the fact that I am horribly disappointed:(
Ok, it is not as awful as We Made You ( in which Em also has a stupid accent, I just can’t figure out why), but it is still horrible, though:(
Honestly, I don’t expect much from Relapse.
Let me know what you think.

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  1. 1) The concept of the song great
    2) Lyrically the track is dope
    3) Flow is so fucking insane
    4) Beat is kinda just above average but suits the concept
    5) Everything is perfect except the accent… he could’ve used his deeper voice instead of high-pitched
    Its been around 13 hrs and I listened to it like 45 times and ready to hit the track again!
    Can’t wait for the video to be released… they can make a hell of a video on this kinda concept!

  2. I liked his nasally voice… angry temper … and hardcore lyrics… back in the Kim days!
    In my opinion Crack a Bottle, We Made You and 3 a.m. … Suck! These songs can NO way compete with T.I., Lil’ Wayne or even Soldier Boy, for that matter. He is not the man I once knew as the most controversial rapper on the planet! Releasing these songs, make him a shell of the artist he once was!
    I wont’ deny, he will have die-hard fans who will buy the album and call it a work of art, just because he’s Eminem, but I was hoping he would go back to the early days, “Slim Shady LP” and “Marshall Mathers LP,” which began his career. No ablum he has made to date and compete with his early work!
    I was looking forward to seeing the Marshall of the past, because I’m not feelin’ the Marshall of today!!!

  3. Why?
    I totally agree with what you said… I didn’t bother to download it too.
    I am sooo disappointed, I actually expected A BIG COMEBACK from him. But his accent… THAT ACCENT for God’s sakes… And the voice…
    Where’s the voice from The way I am? From Till I collapse?
    The only thing that I’m hoping for right now is that those songs are not representative of the rest of the album.
    Holding my breath…
    P.S. : I’m french, and I know that you are too, so my english is far from perfect. Sorry!

  4. I find it hilarious that the sheep are making themselves like this shit by listening to it over and over

  5. Isabelle, please don’t let this deprive you of buying his album. Sure his latest joints have been, well, crap. But that shouldn’t mean you should insinuate that the rest of the album is going to be like this. He clearly said in his interview with Angela Yee he’s just experimenting with new tracks. I’m surely still going to get relapse and relapse 2. I mean all of his other singles sort of flopped. Do you honestly think, if eminem released “The Real Slim Shady” TODAY, that it will become a major hit? I love your opinions and the fact that you don’t kiss eminem’s ass even if though he released a bad single. It’s just that we’ve been exposed to so much auto-tune and lil Wayne style raps, our minds and taste for rap have changed. Even jay-z is trying out new things. So, to me, eminem’s experimenting with new tracks is justified. He wants to see how much we’ve changed since his hiatus. He also said right now he’s picking out which tracks will be on relapse and relapse 2. I’m pretty sure eminem is just testing our taste. Trust me, relapse is going to dominate.
    You guys can visit my blog sometimes too at: if you don’t mind. Thanks

  6. Mas, I hope you’re write. I hope he pays attention to the negative feedback that he’s been getting from some of his longtime fans and sees where his experiments have failed!

  7. Oh and if you guys want eminem to REALLY hear your opinions on his latest songs, then you can go to: That’s eminem’s MANAGERS blog! Even MTV confirmed it! He doesn’t get that many views so he’ll most likely read your comment! Another good thing is that he has to approve the comments so i’m positive he’ll read your comment!!! Go there and complain to him about eminem’s latest singles!

  8. I posted a comment on Paul Rosenberg’s blog about We Made You and he was fair enough to publish it…but it looks like my comment was the only negative one- so far….loads of new comers and mainstream fans are very enthusiastic about his new (c)raps.
    Mas, I think I will listen to Eminem’s brand new album before I buy it…if I like it, then I’ll buy it. Otherwise, I won’t.

  9. Isabelle, I’m very happy you went ahead and complained to Paul about eminem’s latest music. I think it would be a good idea if we spread word about his blog, since he IS eminem’s manager. So the next time eminem bothers to release a crappy single, we’ll be sure to let him know. I just became an eminem fan last year, and i don’t think it’s fair that eminem has treated his long time fans like this by releasing an extremely boring, outdated, single.

    1. Yea, I actually did…and pointed out that I had been a massive fan of Eminem for years…I added Paul’s blog to my links, so I think this will help readers of the Eminem blog to go there….however, i am a little bit afraid it could also attract a lot of Eminem stalkers…

  10. Actually, eminem is VERY secure when it comes to him and his family. If anyone tries to stalk him, he will not leave it untouched.

    1. well, i hope he is aware of the numerous internet stalkers he already has…i’m not kidding…there are so many scary people on my space and elsewhere…

    1. well, sorry, but you won’t get any support from me, unless Eminem releases some better music lol
      I have been following him for years, and I can make a difference between lyrical, creative stuff and the commercial crap he is releasing now…

  11. He changed his style.. this is what Eminem is ALL about.. why would you wanna listen to the same old shit he said once before? if he was to do that, he would be like every other rapper.. I love this new stuff.. its different, unique.. different from his other albums.. thats the whole purpose to music.. changing style, changing lyrics, changing beats.. old stuff gets old.. you need to keep up to new stuff.. and this is what this is.. its new, fresh and different.. and its a perfect time for a change in my opinion.. hes had a lot going on in his life in the past few years.. a change is probably the best thing right now.

    1. I never said I wanna listen to the same old songs…a few months ago, i posted an article in which I said I wanted Eminem to RENEW his themes.
      But! I am not ready to buy every song because Eminem made it…Eminem managed to become outstanding on the rap scene because of his sharp and creative lyrics, his astute combination of instrumentals and beats. He had some rage in his voice…and may I remind you that rap music is all about rebellion…that’s why rap music was created…I don’t want this stupid, new Eminem accent in which he raps like a girl…I HATE it…like Donna said, it is killing his voice…it is awful and doesn’t make sense, besides the fact that it dumbs down his music, attracts some brand new “fans” that are not into hip hop AT ALL…who even ignore THE MEANING of hip hop culture…
      if Em wants 10 year old pop listeners, it is up to him…I am not into that kind of crap!

  12. I am a huge fan, but i can still be critical of his music. For instance, I love SSLP, MMLP, and TES, and 1 song off of Encore (the song encore). That being said, I would say Crack a Bottle was very mainstream and poppy, but it is fun to sing along with, so it was OK. We made you was very lyrical and the chorus is very catchy but it doesn’t have the staying power of his old music. 3 AM is easily the best song of this new Eminem, and it easily could be put on SSLP because it is so similar in nature. I gotta say it is lyrically one of his best songs since the start of his career, there are so many multiple syllable rhymes and he flows it well. I can understand that some people dislike the accent, but I feel, at least for 3 AM, that it is very necessary to make the words flow, and it adds to the whole psycopath aspect of the song. That being said, there are two more singles comming before may 19, Old time Sake ft Dre, and Beatiful. And i don’t think he would use the accent on either of these songs, so people who hate the accent have that to look forward to. Don’t judge the album until it comes out tho, because I think it has potential to be very good. He will never be able to rap about the shit he used to, because that is out of his life now, so we will have to wait and see what he conjures up for Relapse.

    1. Kyle, have you listened to Biterphobia? This song goes back to 1994…when you see what he was capable of with songs like this one and the Infinite song, for instance or other songs like Drug Ballad that are lyrical masterpieces, you can only be disappointed with his recent stuff…
      Anyway, i will wait until he releases his new album…but i am not expecting anything extraordinary that could raise some enthusiasm from me…well i might be wrong…we’ll see…

  13. yea i agree with you his tone is really diffrent and higger it’s not as angry as it used to be, this isnt his best song but common you guys he was ON during we made you and crack a bottle was stuck in my head for weeks that was a GOOODDD song. i like the lyrics in 3 AM a lot and i mean its not one of my fav’s but its not horrible either. But just cuz one song isn’t amazing dosnt mean i think the whole album is gonna be a flop. i think realapse is gonna be amazing i think its gonna suprise everyone. It seems like he worked really hard on this and put a lot into it. He’s not gonna put out his best songs first he’s gonna show us the best stuff when the album comes out.
    note for em keep doing what your doing, your doing great 😀
    that and 3 AM just came out, let it grow on you and im sure u’ll love it in a week or so
    -genna, 16

    1. Genna, I would disagree with you on the Crack A Bottle song…it is horrible as well…I have been listening to four new Eminem songs Crack A Bottle, We Made You, 3 AM and I Am Having A Relapse…all of them do suck in my opinion…plus Eminem’s featuring on Trick Trick’s excellent album sucked too…I mean, if Em is not good at it any more, he should definitely retire…
      You know…I’ve been a die hard fan for years…been into Eminem’s music and lyrics in detail, but I gotta stay honest about how I feel…he’s getting a 100% mainstream and I don’t like it…i can feel no passion in what he does any more…maybe the label pressures him into doing things, but it IS disappointing, really disappointing:(

  14. Yea, forgot about infinite, damn, anyways i don’t know why i think this but I just think that Relapse is going to totally be about what he is feelin, and hes not trying to impress critics. He said he was making it to have “people remember the way that I rap.” I don’t think he’ll come back like he did with Encore, just because of pressure. I mean he easily could have just stayed retired, so I think Relapse may be his best yet, but hey, it could be his worse, (I hope not). Until May 19, we just won’t know. But i have liked We Made You and 3 AM more than anything on Encore, so in my opinion hes off to a decent start.

  15. Isabelle, I’m pretty sure your losing the whole concept of your blog. No offense, but when people see your blog they’re automatically going to think it’s an eminem fan site. Unfortunately, it’s becoming the opposite. Your close to becoming an ex-eminem fan. You’ve even gone as far as saying “…I mean, if Em is not good at it any more, he should definitely retire…” as an eminem fan, I am insulted. We all love eminem and hate to see him retired. Your losing hope way too quickly girl. You expect way too much of him. He lost his best friend. He can’t please every single person out there. He’s having fun. Imagine how much pressure he’s under right now. The rap game has changed. No offense

  16. I’m sorry Sam, but I have to agree with Isabelle. If your going to do something, do it to the best of your ability regardless. If not, hang up your hat, walk away and retire.
    Honestly speaking, Marshall has NOT been at his best… his music and lyrics lack!!!
    I understand he went thru a bad divorce and he lost his best friend, but the reality is that’s part of life and life goes on… people move forward. I’m a fan, but trust me, he’s not sitting at home crying or defending you when you make a mistake at your job or something bad happens in your life… so STOP making so many excuses for him because you are a devoted fan and admit the truth… these current releases are NOT Marshall at his best!!!
    I know Isabelle rather well. I consider her one of my BEST friends. She would not say something about Marshall, just to say it. She has too much respect for him!!!
    Isabelle is a respectable music journalist. If she likes one’s work, she will be the first to admit it, but if it sucks she will be the first to tell you. Not to hurt your feelings or to disrespect you, but to tell you the truth… regardless who you are, even Marshall Mathers. For that, I am proud to call her a friend and I respect her and her opinion!!!
    As long as, I have known Isabelle she has been honest, straight forward and to the point. She’s good at what she does, do to her honesty and her love of music. In my opinion, she defines Hip Hop! When she says it… you better believe it!!!

  17. Donna, As much as I respect Isabelle, the fact that she’s a music journalist doesn’t change my mind about eminem. Yes she’s entitled to her opinion. So are you. Like I said, the rap game has changed. We aren’t used to old eminem anymore. Em only made dark songs because of his problems. Kim was about his wife, Stan was about his life and his fans, Mockingbird, Hailie’s Song were about his daughter (there’s more songs about his daughter but i forgot the names) Sing for the moment was about his fight and his critics, The Way I Am was about his critics, Lose Yourself was about eminem’s past and 8 mile, etc. Em needs some controversy to get back into the game. That’s what i believe. And i don’t have to listen to Isabelle’s opinions just because she’s a music journalist. There are far more intelligent music journalists out there, no offense to Isabelle. Again, we are expecting way too much from eminem. His album “Relapse” is made of 20 songs. 4 of them turned out to be crap. That doesn’t mean the rest of the 16 songs will be crap. 16 songs! Give him a chance.

  18. Oh and i forgot to note, you clearly said “I know Isabelle rather well. I consider her one of my BEST friends. She would not say something about Marshall, just to say it. She has too much respect for him!!!” I’m feeling your sticking up for Isabelle just because she’s your best friend. Were you not the one who told me “… so STOP making so many excuses for him because you are a devoted fan and admit the truth…”? Just like you we are sticking up for em. We are his DEVOTED fans and shall stick with him.

  19. Sam,
    NO! I am not expecting too much of him. I KNOW what he is capitable of!!! I was stating a fact that I think his new music sucks!!! I felt that way LONG before Isabelle wrote this article.
    As you said, “4 of them turned out to be crap.” You said they are CRAP, but you are fighting tooth and nail to defend his work.
    Do you really think his recent songs are as good as T.I, Lil’ Wayne or Soldier Boy, for that matter? No! I’m sorry… these songs can not compete.
    I am a fan too, but I will not defend his work when it sucks!
    Hey, spend your money and buy his new album if you choose, but the fact remains these songs suck and if the other 16 songs sound like the last 4… your wasting your time and money! DEVOTED fan or not, I refuse to waste my money on this kind of crap!

  20. I think as a fan, one should allow themselves to be honest enough to admit to themselves and the artist, even if it’s Marshall Mathers, if their work is less than perfect.
    If we as fans don’t set a tone or limits to what we will buy, listen to or settle for and we support our favorite artists when their work is bad or less than perfect… we are allowing ourselves to be short changed. I think it is not fair to us or the artists.
    Most people buy his work and call it a masterpiece, just because of who he is and that’s wrong. Regardless if your a fan or not, one should lie or pretend to like something when they don’t.

  21. Donna,
    When did this become a competition? Is this a competition to you? It surely isn’t to me. Eminem clearly said he doesn’t care whether his album flops or succeeds. I don’t give a rats ass about whether lil wayne or soulja boy are better than eminem. It’s called respect. You respect another artist because it’s supposed to be like that. I appreciate em giving shout outs to T.I. Kanye and Wayne. I’m sorry to see if you are an eminem fan just for competition, but no. I am not a fan because I care about his image,. Rather I am a fan because I listened to stan and became a fan. We tend to think music artists don’t surf the internet. Eminem most likely might even read this. Or the other hate comments he’s been getting since the second he stepped into the rap game. Again, you are entitled to your opinion and I fully respect that. Just a friendly debate on whether eminem has lost it or not. Eminem’s lyrics will always be a dominant of the rap game. Oh and one more thing, I’m pretty sure you and isabelle don’t like the latest songs because of the beats and concept. They hated I’m having a relapse because of his voice. They hated Crack a bottle was because of em singing. They hated We Made You because of the concept. They now hate 3 AM because of his voice. But have we even listened to the lyrics? Eminem was right. People don’t appreciate the lyrics anymore. It’s all about beats. These songs are all about eminem coming back into the game.
    A true Eminem fan

    1. Sam, I don’t wanna enter into a full debate, because i really don’t have time…but let me just say this regarding your statement about the lyrics…I think that, all over the years, I have been VERY APPRECIATIVE of Eminem’s lyrics…I’ve done loads of articles praising the high quality of his lyrics…and with 3 AM I said “I’m not gonna be critical towards the lyrics” which means I do not consider the lyrics for this particular song to be crap…but the way the song is handled and Eminem’s girly voice makes it crappy, sorry.
      I am the kind of hip hop lover who generally puts lyrics FIRST. But rap music is a whole…the lyrics should fit with flow, melody and beats…and I feel like Em kinda lost it.
      Also I am not condemning his album in advance…i said i’ll give it a listen before buying it. If it is good i will buy it. If not, i won’t.
      This has nothing to do with beeing devoted or not. I respect Eminem for the message he conveyed and his attitude…but he is very far away from these messages and attitude at the moment, from evth that made me like him as an artist.
      I’m not going to buy his new stuff if i think it’s not good, period.
      Of course, that’s my opinion and everybody else is entitled to their own. It is not because I am a music journalist that i am right- never pretended that. Being a music critic implies subjectivity.
      But Donna is right on one thing: honesty is definitely the best policy. If I am not feeling Em’s songs, I’ll tell it to my readers.

  22. No Sam, your missing my point. It has nothing to do with competition or respect. I was stating my honest opinion about these tracks. You are entitled to your opinion and I fully respect that. This is just a friendly debate and I’m stating my opinion.
    I respect Marshall as a person, father and a artist, but as a fan, just because he does a song I don’t like I will not automatically praise it because I respect him. If I consider it to be bad, I’m honest enough to myself and him to point it out. I know firsthand he respects people are honest!
    Now you said, “Eminem was right. People don’t appreciate the lyrics anymore.” Please tell me what the hell is so amazing about, “Crack a bottle, let your body waddle… don’t act like a sloppy model, you just hit the lotto.” As you stated earlier, it’s “CRAP!” They were your own words.
    If he wants to save HIp Hop as he stated, he needs better lyrics than this.

  23. just one more thing: Sam I don’t get one thing…just explain me how you can feel ” insulted”…this is not a fan site in the sense of the personal website I used to have…even if it is called The Eminem Blog to honor the artist who had a real positive influence on me…but it is all about hip hop, mainstream and underground…it isn’t a 100% Eminem dedicated which means that if i stop being an Eminem fan, i will always have loads of stuff to write about…my whole life does not revolve on Eminem, although I have taken loads of insults from a specific category of people for sticking up to Em over the years…Never mind. I’m not here to praise Eminem in any case just to please other fans, I will always state the truth about how I feel. Sorry, but that’s the way i am.

  24. I saw it Kyle. Poor Em looks to be all skin and bones… he lost a lot of weight, but he’s still sexy as hell:)

  25. I read a few comments on TRShady saying that this accent is Slim Shady’s new voice and the he wouldn’t be able to sound again like the 1999 Slim Shady because of time and his voice change.
    I think it makes sense, as We Made You & 3AM are really “Slim Shady attitude” songs. Now it would mean that “When i’m gone”, “Public Enemy #1”, “No Apologies” are actually Eminem/Marshall’s songs and therefore he uses his real voice.
    I really hope that Relapse will include as many Marshall’s songs as possible. We’ll see.

  26. I know we all change as we get older, but I can’t see anyone’s voice changing that much or I can’t see anyone developing an accent when their 36 years old. I like his REAL voice!
    I have heard a lot of people making excuses of the change… his age, time, staying one step ahead of the game and he’s switching it up to save hip hop and to be honest, I don’t believe any of it.
    He’s NOT saving hip hop with these songs or his new accented voice!!!

    1. This fabricated voice sucks, period. Whether it comes from Marshall Mathers’ or somebody else’s mouth! I don’t like it at all!

  27. Appearantly, i am not the only one to be critical towards Eminem…and no matter what some fans or other people might think, I allow myself to be critical as much as needed…why should i be an ass kisser if i am not feeling a song? NO WAY!!!
    Ok check this out:
    Musing on the “stagnant” state of hip-hop in his 2008 autobiography, Eminem wrote, “Whether I’m someone’s favorite rapper or not, whether I’m thought of as one of the best . . . I am one of the most personal rappers.” That’s the problem in a nutshell; the new songs that Eminem has put out so far, to paraphrase the man himself, feel so empty without more of him in them.
    If he needs incentive, he might want to take note of 23-year-old Asher Roth breathing down his aging neck. Roth is obviously a fan who has picked up a few moves from one of his heroes, whom he name-checks on his debut record “Asleep in the Bread Aisle.” Although not as exciting as Eminem was at the same point in his career, Roth seems ready to take up the “designated white rapper” mantle with songs like “I Love College” that speak directly to at least one segment of Eminem’s audience: hip-hop-loving college boys.
    Whoever his audience might be, Eminem will have to come up with more interesting material to command their attention. While the recent songs might tell us the kind of TV he’s been watching, none gives a glimpse into what he’s actually been feeling during this recording hiatus. And he’s had no shortage of emotional triggers: dealing with addiction, the seemingly final dissolution of his marriage to the infamous Kim, and the death of his close friend Proof. He’s clearly done a lot of living and learning, yet that isn’t apparent in the rhymes we’ve heard to date. The cringe-worthy Eminem has resurfaced, but not the clever wordsmith willing to display vulnerability and dig for emotion. Only the album cover, an image of the rapper made out of a mosaic of pills, hints at the demons he has previously illuminated.
    Songs from “Encore” like “Mockingbird,” detailing his efforts to shield daughter Hailie from her parents’ relationship drama, or “Evil Deeds,” his fidgety tale of abandonment, were like chapters in a musical autobiography. Thus far, the new songs are just titles.
    Besides the charts, the other place Eminem appeared recently was in Cleveland, to induct his childhood heroes Run-DMC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Down to a fighting weight from his recent doughy look, and with a mischievous glint in his eye, Eminem offered a smart, funny, far-reaching, insightful, and emotional homage to the hip-hop pioneers.
    He called the trio’s music “something fresh, something tough, something dangerous, something beautiful, and something unique.” Those are words that could have been used to describe Eminem at his peak. Let’s hope that this is the Eminem who shows up for the remainder of “Relapse.” That guy knows how to put on a show worth talking about.
    Sarah Rodman can be reached at
    © Copyright 2009 Globe Newspaper Company.

  28. Thanks Isabelle!
    I have been having people rag on me because I don’t like these new songs or his new accent, but as you just proved, I guess I am not the only one!!!

    1. nope, you are not alone…I hate that fake voice…i think i won’t buy his album…he disappointed me too much…he’s not even half the man ( the emcee) he used to be…

  29. I totally agree that he’s not saving hiphop with this voice tone. However i don’t expect him to do so, because i don’t really care, he doesn’t have to prove anything to me.
    And i’m sure any Eminem fan LOVE his real voice and sort-of HATE this new accent, we all agree on that one.
    I get this accent as Slim Shady’s voice – a try to get back to some “As the World Turns” / “Brain Damage” voice tone. His normal voice became so deep since 1999 that i’m not sure he could ever express his high-pitched voice tone very differently.
    He’s a clever man, he knows what people disliked on Encore. And recent songs (When i’m gone/Public enemy #1/No apologies) prove that he still have this normal, beautiful voice tone.
    Of course it would be better if he’d only record songs with his normal voice tone. We all miss 2000-2002 songs. But i’m sure he has his own reasons to do so. And after everything he went through in the past few years, i’m just fucking glad to see he’s still alive, still creative and that we’ll get 2 albums this year.
    Take it easy, i’m sure he has his reasons and that his normal, serious voice will be present on Relapse.

  30. No Apologies is great, but unfortunately the lyrics of this song go back to 2002-2003…

  31. Heard Old Time’s Sake today…there’s the voice again. If more than 1/4 of Eminem’s album uses this accent, I’m not buying it. My guess is Beautiful is going to be a more serious song, judging by the title, maybe it’s about Haley or something, so I dunno if he’ll use the voice on that. But I also thought that he would drop it on Old Time’s Sake and I was wrong.
    Also, is it just me, or is the accent on Crack A Bottle not that bad? He has a weird flow, where he puts inflection on certain words and syllables, but I don’t really think that accent is present on the song, at least for most of it.

  32. I hope the rest of the album he uses his REAL voice… if he doesn’t I’m not buying the album either!

  33. In Crack A Bottle he has a girly voice, which i hate even more…and lyrically the song is CRAP.
    Yep, if he comes up with this voice in the whole album, i am not buying it either…it is not because it is Eminem that i should buy it…i don’t owe him to buy his album…i’d only buy it if i really like it.
    I have always had huge respect for Em, but well if his music doesn’t please my ears any more, why should i buy it?

  34. I agree.
    If one don’t like the album, DON’T buy it. A lot of his fans feel they HAVE to buy the album because they ARE a fan and they owe it to him and I STRONGLY disagree with that!

  35. i agree with 90% of you, i’ve been looking at blogs and stuff to try and find people talking about his new voice and to see what they think of it, and i feel exactly the same. His new voice really annoys me, i still think the lyrics are amazing but the stupid voice is really getting to me. Hopefully its just another one of Eminem’s stupid phases and he doesn’t make it permanent because A LOT of fans will be getting annoyed if he does. I noticed somone saying “what happened the ‘Till I Collapse’ voice and flow?” so i listened to it just now and i miss that eminem so much, because that stuff is unbelievable. Em just do us all a favour and bring back the old Em. Awww and btw i totally disagree with people saying that new em is innovative and all that, and that his old stuff wouldn’t sell nowadays. That is the biggest load of shit i’ve heard in a long long time.

    1. yes, Brucey, I agree with what you said…his new stuff is not good at all…i too miss the old Em…

  36. You people disgust me, all you idiots remember were eminem’s songs of violence and stupidity. Although those were great, and hilarious songs, there is more to him than that. Instead of a lost edge he could be experimenting or we could remember he’s has not recorded a song for almost 5 years. And to compare him to soldier boy and say eminem is worse, i almost laughed my ass off

  37. I am a big fan of Eminem. First started taken interest in him after the while rap olympics(my bro is a huge Dre fan) N as much as I’m a fan I must say Relapse isn’t GREaT but I guess for as much time as he has ben out n the things that has happend I will give him the benefit of doubt n pray that he puts out even better music. We all know what he is capable of. I miss his Rawness but I know everyone changes. Yes I bought his CD of course I will support him but I really am going to hit up the blog paul has up n hopes to b heard. Isabell you make so many great points n love your openess u kiss no ass, as I don’t either. I don’t have a fav song n that’s da first for one of his albums 🙁 but I do like the meaning behind we made u..I really appreciate all the views here. Great to know I’m not alone on feeling let down a bit. Either way I’m a Fan n dat won’t eva change

  38. If u all didn’t know Relapse has sold 608K sold so um that is the years biggest debut!!!

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