Watch NBG Records' visual tribute to Big Proof…

I recently had the chance to present you an exclusive, unreleased song from NBG Records, entirely dedicated to Deshaun Holton’s memory. Now, after being able to listen to the song, you’ll be able to watch the video to Living Proof.
The video features Marvwon, of the Detroit Fat Killaz. Enjoy:)

2 thoughts on “Watch NBG Records' visual tribute to Big Proof…”

  1. Hey~Eminem~:p
    I’m Jennifer~I’m a chinese girl,only 16,and not really good at English.haha.
    I’m a huge fan of you.i watched 8 MILES like a thousands times,and your songs.oh my god,i love them all.
    I’m just wondering will you come to China maybe for a concert or something?I would do anything just to see you.:) I’ll move to Canada this year,maybe you can come to Canada too.haha.
    When I was a baby girl,I always had this crazy dream.I wanna be a singer too.I’m good at singing and I play the paino.I also write songs.maybe someday I’m goona be a great singer just like you.I know it sounds stupid,but I really love music,and I believe in me.
    Well,it’s almost 4 in the morning here,gotta go to bed now.
    I don’t konw if you can get this messege or not,but I’m really excited right now.Never done this before.
    Anyway,have a nice day:)
    And…love ya.haha

    1. I doubt Eminem reads this…anyway, it is 8 Mile, not “8 Miles”…next time, please post your comment in an Eminem dedicated thread…this one is dedicated to Detroit underground artists and to the memory of Proof. Thank you.

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