Living Proof: a tribute to Detroit legend Big Proof, by NBG Records ( an exclusive for the Eminem Blog)

As Proof’s third death anniversary approaches, the CEO of NBG Records contacted me and sent me an unreleased track that I will have the pleasure to review for all of you before its public and official release date, on April the 11th, 2009.

NBG Records wanted to present an emotional tribute to D12’s Proof, not a sad one, though, but rather a celebration of Proof’s short presence on planet earth.
As the song opens on flute sounds that recall some ancient Asian melodies, the strong spirit of the NBG emcees will break the wall of hidden memories, unveil Proof’s lifeand character.
“I am the living definition of the visual proof”, that’s actually how one could define Deshaun Holton, one of Detroit’s finest syllables architect.
Deshaun Holton was a man who lived for hip hop and who managed to communicate his passion and pride for Detroit, his hometown.
God loves the D, He gave us Proof, He gave us Dilla, He gave us Blade: how many gifted fallen soldiers has Detroit lost during the last years?
NBG Records will pay tribute to their memories.
In their song, Proof’s personality and dedication come to shine. Gossipers and haters’ words are ruined by the evidence of the visual proof.
Whoever witnessed Big Proof in concert, heard him address to the crowd would barely doubt the emcee’s sincerity and dedication. Proof lived for hip hop-literally. He put music above all.
Therefore, we will not focus on the tragic circumstances of his death, but embrace NBG Records’ vision of a charismatic man who incarnated Detroit hip hop like no other.
Moreover, and more than any other Detroit rapper, Big Proof aimed at reassembling all Detroit emcees despite their differences and make them work together. He symbolized unity, love and dedication to the genuine art of hip hop.
NBG’s Living Proof song is like an open book, a celebration of a genuine artist’s life. Things did not end on April the 11th, 2006: it was just the beginning. Proof’s music is meant to stay forever, let’s celebrate its perennity.
Admire the instrumental composition, the emotional voices and the truth that is revealead through this very emotional song.
Copyright by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved