Trick Trick/ The Villain/ album review

Global rating of the product:5 stars ( outstanding piece of work)

After his autobiographical The People Vs, Trick Trick is back with The Villain. Back to the Detroit slums, Trick Trick will give you the realest definition of a villain you could ever get. Hood as hell, accompanied by his Goon Sqwad crew, Christian Mathis always serves his dishes raw. The talented emcee belongs to the kind of emcees who don’t rap to please the masses. Authentic in his speech, rich of more than a decade of rapping experience, Trick Trick introduces you into his Edgar Poe alike universe where guns are laws.
Loud, orchestral sounds mixed up with keyboard sounds, rhythmic beats will smash internet thugs with no mercy. Trick Trick and his crew have made a name and are notorious in the D.
U Can Get F***** Up: electric guitars introduce the song, hanging over the sky like a bad omen of dark clouds before the tornado. Trick Trick and Goon Sqwad are warning you: if you go to Detroit, you should be very careful. Don’t play the fool with true Gs.
The song is rhythmic as well. I enjoyed its dark atmosphere, its menacing words, the roughness of its voices.
Who Want It features Eminem. Instrumentally, the song is a various composition and a contrasting balance between dark and light. Contrabass notes that suggest drama are intelligently married with organs, light bell sounds and electronics. The offensive spirit that is carried here is quite obvious.
Trick Trick’s part is wonderfully rough, scurillous. It is mastered with dexterity from the beginning to the end. I am a little bit disappointed by Eminem’s ways too light register that does not really fit into the darkness of the subject. I would have wished more aggressivity from Eminem’s side too.
It is interesting to note that the highly talented Luis Resto has been working on this song too.
Definitely Detroit based, Can’t F**** With My City includes Marwvon and Guilty Simpson’s collaborations. The light piano sounds will add to the tension of darker chord sounds. I like the spirit of the song. Made in Detroit, by Detroit lyrical emcees. Wonderful!
Sumthin 4 Da Hataz opens the curtain on Goon Sqwad’s Diezel, Fatt Father and Paradime’s talents. What I really appreciate is the swinging jazzy- soul instrumental background, the humorous and conquerror spirit of the Detroit emcees. Definitely a must hear.
Let’s Work is already a Trick Trick classic that should belong to any Detroit hip hop lover’s library. Don’t miss the video for the song. It is a perfectionist’s work.
Hold On again has that beautiful soul spirit mixed up with some very raw elements in which Trick Trick gets real as can be.
I like the biographical elements the talented emcee presents to his public.
Wow…Let It Fly includes heavyweight Westcoast master Ice Cube…you gotta love the song, that enlightens both emcees’ talent. Lil Jon also participates to the song.
All Around The World will impress real hip hop lovers. Royce da 5.9 and Trick Trick manage to mix up a gospel, soul, blues spirit in which vocals do matter. Tuba sounds add a quite comical elements. It is beautifully managed from the begiining to the end.
Loved it!
2Getha 4 Eva features Esham, Kid Rock and Proof. It is hardcore as hell.
Get It Cracking enlighten Trick Trick’s raspy voice, his rough spirit. He is truly killing it. Pleasure your ears with pure, raw Detroit sounds.
Globally speaking, The Villain is an amazing piece of work. Straight ghetto talk, mastered instrumentals, excellent local Detroit collaborations. Don’t sleep on the album, it is the living proof that hip hop ain’t dead yet.
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  1. I’ve got to have an instrumental of Trick Trick “From the D” ! No One has it! everybody talking about they got everything! Where can I get it?
    Signed Matt of WTF from the D!

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