Exclusive interview with Detroit rapper Mu!

Detroit underground emcee Mu kindly accepted to get interviewed by me. Mu has been doing some tremendous work all over the years. He has collaborated with Proof, Dina Rae, Journalist 103 and many other Detroit underground artists. Mu teaches you the meaning of the raw. His unique style and instrumental composition totally reflect the Detroit hood. Listen to what the outstanding emcee has to say!

For more info, check Mu’s my space account.
1. What motivated you to become a rapper?
– I was always pretty good with words & I love challenges, so it just kinda found me when I was about 8 years old
2. Define your style within a few words?
– Oh my God!! Did you hear what he just said!!!
3. Your mixtape, The Flood, is full of roughness, dark elements combined with humor and instrumental creativity. It surely reflects the realness of the Detroit hood. Can you enlighten the readers a little bit about the artistic collaborations you did in your mixtape?
– Well, on “The FLOOD” I had a lot of very talented friends in the studio at the same time, such as: PROOF, Marvwon, Kuniva,Young Zee, Dina Rae, Ek, Slum Village, D12, etc….. So it was pretty easy to find dope mc’s to collab’ with!!
4. You did a lot of collaborations with Detroit heavyweight RIP Proof. A few words about them?
– Yeah, we did a lot of songs that weren’t released yet but we also won a few AWARDS. Song of The Year for a song titled “BROKEN” featuring Journalist 103. There is a second part to BROKEN called Broken & Fixed That was supposed to go on the Jerry Garcia album (Proof’s Album), but we didn’t get the paper work finished in time. And a number of other tracks like: Thats Whats Up (I Miss the Hip Hop Shop Album) Trife Niggas, GOD MADE SOLDIERS (Unreleased), an Exclusive Track With Proof & Dj Muggs (of Cypress Hill), another Exclusive With Proof & RAS Kass (unreleased) etc……….I could go on & on!!!
5. Proof’s death, in April 2006, affected the world of hip hop, his family, fans and friends. It fulfilled me with sadness too. What are your thoughts about the tragic event? To what extend did it affect your life and artistry?
-Proof’s death affected me in a number of ways, he Was more like family than just a friend ya know. He and I went to the same mosque for prayers and stuff.
Besides we were friends long before there was a D12. ACTUALLY he had told me that he wanted me in this crew that he was tryin to get started that would feature all the freshest/dopest/hottest rappers in the city but he didnt have a name for it yet. But we had lost contact for sometime and when I saw him again, he said : “ You know you’re supposed to be in the Dozens (D12), right??“
But that’s OLD news, he was my brother, he Called my father ABU (Which is what I call my Dad). He called my mother MA or MOMMA. He called my girl “Mrs. MU” and he was there when SHE DIED! We spent a lot of time around each other and he kept music fun for me, but when he passed………….The fun was gone ya know!! I saw people that he called Fam (blood & otherwise) that NEVER even met his kids or knew their names as if they were around him all the time but………..I kinda lost it when they had his Funeral in a CHURCH and they KNEW he was not a Christian!!
Anyways enough of that, ‘cause I could go on & on. Bottom Line…………..It hurt me to the point that a part of me died with him. The FUN PART of doing MUSIC!!! Like losing my MOJO ya Know!!
6. What is your opinion about the current state of hip hop?
-.”CORNY” & “EASY” as hell!!! There is NO Skill involved whatsoever!!!
7. From what I understand, you have some brand new musical projects going on…can you tell us a little bit about them?
– Yeah………..we just finished The K.R.A.M mixtape For Journalist103 and we are finishing an album on Bilal Rossi AKA B GUTTA, and YES I have a few NEW projects of my own That I’m working on as well. A SOLO project set to rival “The FLOOD” and a mix of exclusive UNRELEASED material by me & PROOF!!! Both CD’s should be BANANAS!!!
8. Old school or new school- where goes your preference?
– Definitely OLD SCHOOL!!!
9. What is your outlook on the Detroit scene? What are its assets and what could or should be improved?
-. Number One: show Promoters NEED to START PAYING local talent for shows THEY PAY everyone else from out of town but REFUSE to PAY their OWN!!!
2nd: you might wanna rephrase the question cause I don’t know if you are talking about the City in general or just musically!!
10. Which (underground or mainstream) artist(s) has earned your respect and why?
– It’s a lot, but I’ll just name a few:(Underground) GUILTY SIMPSON, PARADIME, JOURNALIST 103,PAPOOSE, KIKO,MYSELF LOL, to name a few.
(Maistream) Jay-Z, Scarface, Geto Boyz, Kool G Rap, Serious Jones, MOP, Lauren Hill etc……..
11. A few words about one of your collaborators, Journalist 103?
-Journ is not only a really good friend, but he’s also A VERY TALENTED poet and MC with something to say about the world as we know it and deserves a really good listening To!!
12. According to you, what makes you appear as unique in the world of hip hop?
– To sum it up in a few Words………..I don’t just rap about things ‘cause I think it sounds cool, and then pretend to live like that. I actually live it!!! And then RAP ABOUT IT!!
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