Losing Out: a dope Black Milk-Royce da 5.9 collaboration

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For those who don’t know, Black Milk is currently one of Detroit’s hottest producers. He started attracting more attention from the public after the release of his Sound The Alarm video in collaboration with Detroit artist Guilty Simpson. As for Royce, I think that his reputation as a tight, lyrical emcee already preceded him.
Losing Out is taken out of Black Milk’s second album, Tronic. Both underestimated and underrated they might be, but the real hip hop connoisseur will priviledge such artists to most mainstream artists. The deeper I get into the jungle of underground hip hop, the less I am interested in commercial hip hop. Why? Simply because genuine expression and verbal dexterity are mostly found in underground hip hop. Underground hip hop’s aim is not to please the mainstream audience, but it is all about staying true to its roots.
Don’t get fooled by the soft female vocals in the chorus, the whole video will transport you into the Detroit slums, as Black Milk will recall Berry Gordy’s debut in the world of music. The D town, Motown is one of the most powerful towns in terms of music that gave birth to a wide range of outstanding artists.
Let Black Milk rip the mic with his amazing flow and conquerror spirit, as syllables spread like a violent storm from his mouth. He is truly representing Detroit’s finest talents.
You will enjoy his inventive wordplay. Then comes Royce, slaughtering words in a very merciless manner. Not only is the talented lyricist killing it on the mic, he is also honoring the Detroit scene as a whole.
If I haven’t lost my faith in hip hop yet, no doubt it is thanks to such high quality performances.
Check Losing Out here.
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