The Apostle/ movie review

Global rating of the product:5 stars, definitely a must see!
I recently discovered The Apostle, an excellent movie in which outstanding actor Robert Duvall plays the role of a preacher. Raised into a black religious community in Texas, Sonny ( interpreted by Robert Duvall) seems to be born to carry God’s word. As a charismatic leader of his church, Sonny is as successul in his congregation as a pastor can dream of. Unfortunately, his wife cheats on him and Sonny murders his wife’s lover.
Forced to change his name into E.F, Sonny moves to Louisiana where he soon becomes the new leader of a little community, in which he totally invests himself into preaching the Gospel.
He is very much loved and respected, converts a lot of people on his way.
In the end, he gets caught by the police and surrenders after a very moving and musical religious office.
But was is thought to be an end is just the very beginning: as the movie ends, you can see Sonny preaching into Jesus’ name to his co- detainees.
Even if you are not a religious person, I would recommend the movie for its actors and the beautiful musical background made of powerful gospel songs.
Make sure to add The Apostle to your DVD library!
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