Ali Baba: enigmatic, genuine and passionate Cameroonian musician…

I was introduced into Ali Baba’s music in the late 80’s. Ali Baba is an outstanding African musician who was born in Garoua, North Cameroon in 1956. He seemed to be a character taken straight out of the Thousand and One Nights and his music symbolises a mixture of African warmth, Fulani and Islamic tradition.
His sound and voice chemistry will transport you into a landscape of baobab trees where people will discuss their businesses. It will make you cross Fulani beauties’ steps, feel the kids’ laughters and smell nature’s autenticity.
Not only does Ali Baba talk about African traditions, like young girls getting married early like in Bingel Debbo Baledjo in Fulani language ( which I have a little understanding of), he also relates about traditions, joy and Cameroonian unity. Bingel means kid, debbo spouse and baledjo means black…the song relates the story of a young oh too young little black spouse baby girl.
I like the intensity of the artist’s voice, his genuine way of telling things. Ali Baba, who died in 2004, also happened to sing in French, like in his song Africains, Africaines Dansez, a very melodic song that will entertain any African music lover.
He was often accompanied by a dancer called Dodo Etoile.
I was very surprised to find Ali Baba again on the following blog.
It will allow you to dowload a few songs of the brilliant artist who deserves to be known better all around the world. You will discover his instrumental diversity, the dynamic rythm and his vocal flexibility.
Check out Ali Baba. He is definitely worth it!
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4 thoughts on “Ali Baba: enigmatic, genuine and passionate Cameroonian musician…”

  1. Yes, I knew him and I saw him in concerts in Maroua; he was a talented singer and dancer and comedian too. Proud he represented the North of Cameroon! May he rest in peace.

    1. So you got to know him? that’s cool…yes, he was very talented, i discovered him thanks to my eldest son’s dad…

  2. Hello,
    I’m Kande, and I just really would like to say thanks to this blog,, Rita and Isabelle…
    I’m, my fathers, Ali Baba’s eldest daughter. I was raised by my mother’s side of family and only with my father a few times. He was sick for a long 11 years. So I’m more then thankful for this appreciation of his work here.
    Much Love….more then welcome to contact me..

    1. Hi Kande, i’m honored to meet you…I have really been appreciative of your father’s work since the late-80’s:)
      I have always tried to get his CD’s in Paris, but never managed to…people told me at this time, that he had interrupted his eldest son’s father is from Garoua, so he knew his music quite well:)
      much love!

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