My personal rants against Botox advertisement

We live in a society that is afraid of its own demise. Most people won’t admit it, but they are afraid to get older, moreover to look older. A money driven, star struck society, that has given up any ethical values strongly encourages women over 30 to use Botox injections- in order to look dewrinkled and youthful.
Ok, nobody (even those who don’t admit it) likes to look old and wrinkled- in short- stunned. While I’d ridicule and dismiss the concept of “ageing gracefully” (no I don’t like all those wrinkled grandma faces with grey hair, telling us that their looks are sooo cool), I am also strongly against the whole Botox advertisement, whether in newspapers or on TV. Some depraved, crooked journalists will push women towards Botox injections and surgical operations, exploiting their fears and inferiority complexes.
Let me tell you: Botox injections and getting under the knife of some surgeons is far from being innocent. To tell you the truth, it might even put your life in serious danger, leave your disfigured and even unsatisfied with your “new looks”. Not only is it very expensive, it can also harm your body, leave your face swollen for weeks,..Botox does enter your brain, were you aware of that?
Honestly, I don’t want anything chemical to invade my cerebral tissues that way. I’d be pretty much afraid of it.
My personal opinion about Botox is that it doesn’t make people look better. Of course, it dewrinkles their faces, but the big paradox is that they still look old and unnatural after a Botox session.
I’ve seen JK Rowling and Madonna’s Botox effects and frankly, I’m not impressed IN THE LEAST. Actually, it doesn’t make them look beautiful as far as I am concerned. I’d prefer women of their age with a few more wrinkles, but natural looking faces. I’d also like to point out to anybody who might object that Madonna “looks like 25 at 50” that most of her pics are airbrushed and professionally shot. Have you ever seen photoshoots of Madonna and Christina Aguilera without any trace of make up on their faces? I have- and it scared me away. They looked worse than average people of the same age you’d cross in the street. Believe me, it is actually true.
I really hate it when people turn into chemical beauties.
It really looks like humanity has forgotten about nature’s powerful recipes!
If people stuck to a natural lifestyle, had more sleep, drank more water, praticed more sports, used more natural ressources, ate themselves young, they’d look younger at any age!
Believe me, ways to reverse the clock-in a very natural way- up to 12 years actually do exist…if you are ready to change some of your bad, unhealthy habits!
The funny thing is that women’s purses would do better too…because natural products and natural lifestyles cost less!
I already shared some of my beauty secrets with you. It is entirely up to you to change your lifestyle. Make the best choice!
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10 thoughts on “My personal rants against Botox advertisement”

  1. yes, it gives their skin a strange complexion…makes them look ageless, but not young at all…can’t explain why but they all have weid looks on their faces…

  2. I think, this usually happens when one did not consult the right and best specialist before performing the treatment.

    1. I do think that in most cases Botox is unnecessary…we have so many natural products that do wonders on human skin, so why bother about dangerous chemical treatments?

  3. I agree , it seems to be addictive! the secret in anything is to know when to stop and people are taking it toooooo far, fillers are even worse looking, is it just me or do these expressionless people actually know what they look like in the day light

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