Like soldiers marching on, Markus Aurelius will certainly conquer the way to your hip hop loving ears…

Their music has that little something that allows them to make a real difference in the world of hip hop. Powerful vocals and instrumentals are taking over with pride. You gotta love the rhythmic piano background that introduces you into the Keep Trying song. The energy that iradiates from Markus Aurelius’ voices totally reflect their strong and determined fighting spirit.
The lyrics are well worked on, too.
Do It Fast is built on cadenced drum beats and various instrumentals, including subtle, slight oboe notes combined with soft female vocals. The descriptive song will introduce the listener into a shady lover relationship in which betrayal is part of the game.
Politics utters the voice of the truth…what would people put first in their lives-politics or their own conscience? With a rebellious spirit, Markus Aurelius are ready to change the world.
The song is astutely built on dark instrumentals that totally match with their spirit.
Shatter-Proof is announced with loud trumpet and scratches sounds, an original musical introduction to a lyrically murderous song. Words fly like deadly bullets, destroying everything on their way. Well done.
Juice is ripping off the scene. Again, the lyrical effort of the emcees needs to be underlined while the crowd rejoices in the background, as some voices seem to testify it.
The group is composed of P-Nut a.k.a. Markus, Aurelius a.k.a. Lord Reemo and two other emcees I-N-I & Omega. Still unsigned, they deserve to be known better. Their dedication, their incredible flow delivery, the way they master instrumentals and rhythm, makes them stand out, as far as I am concerned.
Markus Aurelius will bring some positive vibes into your house. If you like good hip hop, I’d definitely recommend you to check their my space here.
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  1. I would really like to thank you for the article Isa, it is very much appreciated. I’m just the producer though, that’s I-N-I on the vocals. The name of the group is Vile Association and if you go to you can hear trax off the latest mixtape titled F.I.S.T. FIGHT. It’s available for download on Once again thank you for the support and much respect to Isa and everybody else that appreciates good music…

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